Conshohocken Elementary School third-graders recently rocked a book song contest organized by children’s author Hallee Adelman.

As part of the fourth annual “Book Song Challenge 2023,” students were invited to write and perform a song that summarizes why they love their favorite book. Student videos were shared online either publicly or by direct message to Way Past Books. Winners were announced earlier this month via the Way Past Books Instagram account. 

Student winners included:

  • Shelby Crisp and Mirabelle Horning, who performed an original rap about the book “Click”

  • Willow Spangler, who performed a song about the book “Willow”

  • Larry Leflar, Blake Stump, Rosie McGuckien, and Maddie Craytor, who teamed up to write a song about “Dog Man”

  • Sheref Tekinel, who rapped about “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” 

  • Natalie Regan and Fiona Noonan, who performed a mashup of songs about “Wings of Fire”

Each student received a gift card, and the school also received book gift cards as a result of their submissions. Students are already familiar with Ms. Adelman’s series of “Way Past” books, which have been given out to Conshohocken Elementary students and used as part of lessons with school counselor Elise Nevins. Read more about that by clicking here. 

Photo collage of students who won Book Challenge Awards