Conshohocken Elementary School students enjoyed their first exploration of the art room for 2021-2022 with a project that encouraged flexible thinking.

boy holding a crayon in each hand with his fish picture


“Art is the best, because it’s super creative,” said Conshohocken Elementary first grader Elle Baldwin.

The children drew a line of loops on a piece of paper and were challenged to find “fish” in the resulting shapes. The students could use pencils, crayons, or watercolors to define the fish figures.

“In this mini-lesson, we see things in new ways — something an artist often has to do,” said art teacher Jen Fitzgerald. “I like this project, because, even though it is a quick lesson, it stretches their minds to think creatively, and everyone's picture looks different.”

In addition to art, elementary specialist time helps to develop well-rounded students through weekly lessons in music, health and physical education, technology, and a visit to the school library.