Actors from Comedy Sportz in Philadelphia recently visited Plymouth Whitemarsh High School (PWHS) to work on improvisation techniques with the students in the theater class and some members of The Colonial Players drama club. 

three people posing while others look on

Left to right Natalie Antrim (kneeling), Tristan Gubler, and Jaylah Plant taking part in a improv game called Sculpture.

“I felt like I was on the Comedy Sportz stage, and I was able to open up my imagination,” said PWHS senior Natalie Antrim.

The students learned principles of improv like the importance of agreement, “endowing” scenes, using their bodies to their advantage, incorporating humor, and more. The educational improvisation games they played included Try That On For Size, Yes And, Sculptures, and Dr. Know-It-All. 

"I really enjoyed learning new improv games because they taught me to come out of my shell even more," said PWHS ninth grader Jaylah Plant.

"I learned that in order to perform our best, we have to relax and stop trying to be perfect,"  added PWHS senior Tara Nori.

Additionally, the students discussed how improvisational skills can apply to their lives outside of theater.

Students posing for a fun group picture with the two actors from Comedy Sportz