by Samantha Stout, PWHS Class of 2022

The Colonial Technology Student Association (TSA) team was finally able to compete in person again for their state conference. Congratulations to the team, who headed up to Champion, Pa., in April to participate in a series of STEM-related events and bring home trophies. This is the first time our District's team has been able to compete in-person since the pandemic, and they did not disappoint!

Zane Al-Saleem and Caitlin Dougherty with trophies

PWHS students Zane Al-Saleem and Caitlin Dougherty placed first in music production. Zane will also serve as the state TSA vice president next year. See more pics below.

“It was a lot different from how I experienced a state conference before, since I haven’t been there since the eighth grade. Having a higher level of participation was certainly more stressful, but it was much more rewarding,” said Plymouth Whitemarsh High School (PWHS) junior Zane Al-Saleem, who also serves as Pennsylvania TSA Sergeant at Arms.

At this year's state conference, Plymouth Whitemarsh High School students had some notable accomplishments, including the team of Zane Al-Saleem, and Caitlin Dougherty placing first in Music Production, as well as the team of Austin Rickert, Alex Halbert, Jonah Reid, Sachita Upadhya, Akihl Roy, and Kaidan Rickert for placing second in VEX Robotic. In individual events, Kirthi Roy placed first in Future Technology Teacher. 

Also, congratulations to the Colonial Middle School (CMS) members for their very first in-person competition!  Not to be overshadowed by their PWHS team members, CMS students also brought home several trophies and placed in top finishes as well. Placing first in Chapter Team were Narayani Sakthinathan, Waneis Elshaari, Maya Bava, Hasan Yafai, Aaron Cummins, and Bryleigh Rickert. Bringing home first in Medical Technology was the team of Maya Bava, Viva Shah, Diya Mundhra, Narayani Sakthinathan, and Shvani Senthil-Kuma. In individual events, Weston Fittipaldi won first in Delta Dart. 

“It was fun,” said CMS student Narayani Sakthinathan. “I feel like we tried really hard, and our work paid off.”

TSA is a national career and technical student organization that offers students the opportunity to work hands-on with STEM education and career-interest areas. Being a member also means competing in events such as regionals and states, learning and applying leadership skills, exploring science and technology, and developing teamwork skills. TSA introduces the possibilities beyond high school, preparing and educating students on the multitude of career opportunities available to them. TSA creates the enthusiasm in students that will allow them to grow their skills to pursue career fields that suit them. 

With 33 students qualified to compete for nationals, TSA is running a fundraiser to help with funding the trip to Dallas, Texas for the event this summer. Click here for more information.

Plymouth Whitemarsh High School winners:

Teams Events:

  • 1st - Music Production: Caitlin Dougherty and Zane Al-Saleem. 

  • 2nd - VEX Robotics: Austin Rickert, Alex Halbert, Jonah Reid, Sachita Upadhya, Akihl Roy, and Kaidan Rickert

  • 5th - Cybersecurity: Akhil Roy, Kirthi Roy, Austin Rickert, Sachita Upadhya, and Jonah Reid 

  • 5th - Data Science and Analytics: Alex Halbert and Sachita Upadhya

  • 6th - Geospatial Technology: Caitlin Dougherty, Austin Rickert, Collum Dougherty, and Kaidan Rickert

  • 7th - Children’s Stories: Kate Edwards, Gracelyn Clark, and Ferra Liu 

  • 5th - Chapter Team: Caitlin Dougherty, Benjamin Moldovsky, Kaidan Rickert, Zane Al-Saleem, Kirthi Roy, and Akhil Roy

Individual Events:

  • Future Technology Teacher: 1st - Kirthi Roy, and 3rd - Kate Edwards

  • 7th - Chapter Team Written: Benjamin Moldovsky 

  • 3rd - CADD Engineering: Kaidan Rickert 

  • 7th - Essays in Technology: Katherine Edwards 

  • 4th - Prepared Presentation: Ferra Liu 

  • 6th - Material Process: Alex Halbert 

Colonial Middle School winners:

Team Events:

  • 1st - Chapter Team: Narayani Sakthinathan, Waneis Elshaari, Maya Bava, Hasan Yafai, Aaron Cummins, and Bryleigh Rickert 

  • 1st - Medical Technology: Maya Bava, Viva Shah, Diya Mundhra, Narayani Sakthinathan, and Shvani Senthil-Kuma. 

  • 2nd - Biotechnology: Maya Bava, Viva Shah, Diya Mundhra, Aiden Randolph, Narayani Sakthinathan, and Shvani Senthil-Kuma

  • 2nd - Tech Bowl: Cole Carpenter, Hunter DiScala, and Jinay Sheth

  • 2nd - Data Science and Analytics: Aiden Randolph, Weston Fittipaldi, and Hunter DiScala 

  • 3rd - PA Robotics: Gabriel Dyck, Weston Fittipaldi, Zachary Schwartz, and Bryleigh Rickert

  • 4th Mechanical Engineering : Waneis Elshaari, Ahmed Elshaari, Shane Huynh, Jinay Sheth, and Hasan Yafai

  • 5th - Construction Challenge: Hunter DiScala and Ryan Schwarz

  • 5th - Electrical Applications: Waneis Elshaari, Jinay Sheth

  • 6th - Microcontroller Design: Aaron Cummins, Hunter DiScala, Weston Fittipaldi, Ahmed Elshaari, and Ryan Schwarz

  • 8th - Forensic Technology: Cole Carpenter and Nam Zhao

  • 9th - Challenging Technology Issues: The Elshaari Brothers! 

  • 9th - Children’s Stories: Maya Bava and Narayani Sakthinathan

  • 9th - Junior Solar Sprint Team: Nam Zhao, Jinay Sheth, and Shane Huynh

  • 10th - Off the Grid: Bryleigh Rickert, Gabriel Dyck, Alice Strain, Viva Shah, Zachary Schwartz, and Shvani Senthil-Kumar

Individual Events:

  • Chapter Team Written: 6th - Waneis Elshaari and 10th - Narayani Sakthinathan 

  • Cybersecurity: 2nd - Narayani Sakthinathan, 5th - Hasan Yafai, and 6th - Cole Carpenter. 

  • Delta Dart: 1st - Weston Fittipaldi, 2nd - Gabriel Dyck

  • Foundations in Information Technology: 2nd - Cole Carpenter and 5th - Maya Bava

  • 2nd - Prepared Speech: Narayani Sakthinathan 

  • 4th - Essays in Technology: Maya Bava

  • 3rd - Dragster: Zachary Schwartz 

State and National Leadership

Colonial TSA’s successes go past the competitive events and makes great strides in providing students the chance to also build their soft skills, particularly in leadership.

  • Katherine Edwards received a FLEX (Leadership Experience) certification by attending Special Interest Sessions with topics such as Life Skills, College Readiness, Fundraising, and Mental Health.
  • Benjamin Moldovsky serves as the state secretary.
  • Zane Al-Saleem serves as the state sergeant of arms. Zane Al-Salem will also continue to serve as state vice president for the 2022-2023 term.
  • On the national level, Avery Broggi is serving as the national sergeant of arms.

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