Colonial Middle School seventh-graders got to know their peers a little better through experiences they shared during a field trip to Camp America in Chalfont on May 4 and 5.

The trips to the camp – which features ropes courses, rock climbing walls, and other types of outdoor play equipment – is a first for Colonial Middle School students. During the visit, students broke up into groups and took part in five different activities. Each activity required students to communicate with their team members to meet a goal. For example, one of the activities was to maintain balance while walking across a low wire, using teammates for support. Another involved several students getting onto giant skis to coordinate movement and travel a short distance. 

“The goal was to build a sense of belonging and create a stronger seventh-grade community,” said science teacher Adrienne Ames. “The trip challenged students to connect with one another to achieve a common goal.”

Seventh-grader Adel Godshalk said she learned communication skills, how to work as a group and how to get along with others during the trip. Others, like La’Ren Jackson, said the team-building aspect of the trip was valuable.

“The purpose of the Camp America field trip was to make middle school kids belong - especially those who feel left out,” she said. 

The outdoor experience for students also included a working lunch, where the seventh-graders got to know one another better, and they ended the day with a gathering in a pavilion where they talked about the importance of working together. 

The goal is to make the trip a yearly experience for seventh-graders at CMS. 

“We would like to make this an annual tradition in seventh grade and hopefully explore more of the activities the camp has to offer,” said Ms. Ames.


CMS student participates in activity at Camp America
CMS students participates in activity at Camp America
CMS students participate in activity at Camp America
CMS student participates in activity at Camp America