On Mondays, fifth graders in Mrs. Yeager’s class catch up on the week’s news through “The Week in Rap” from an educational website called Flocabulary. The site uses rap to explain current events and other topics, and encourages students to try creating their own rhymes, as well. 

“It’s something to look forward to,” said Colonial Elementary School fifth grader Meghan. “After the video, they teach you all of the words inside of it. You can read more about a subject, and there are quizzes on what you just learned about.”   

Mrs. Yeager noticed that student Luca Tomon had a knack for poetry and suggested he try the Week In Rap contest. Luca wrote a rap about Hurricane Ian, which turned out to be a winner. The winning raps get a “shout-out” from the Week in Rap for their school.  

“I can’t believe they chose me,” said Luca. “The news shook me. I was so excited.”

Hurricane Ian by Luca Tomon

All over the coast 
People lost their homes 
Most water up to door posts, 
Covered in dirty water 
All the rain all the dirt 
Many people hurt, 
Some homes washed away 
While trying to keep the water at bay 
Everyone in florida in a craze 
All the wind, vision is a haze 
It’s insane 
Even the drains ain’t enough 
The waves are rough 
Everywhere the hurricane hit be tough, 
Now we gonna finish this rhyme up 
For all those who been affected 
I wish you luck.

Elementary teachers in all five buildings can use Flocabulary to help explain topics in language arts, math, science, social studies, vocabulary, and life skills. 

Class holding letters that spell Colonial loves Flocabulary