Life Skills and Autistic Support classes at Colonial Elementary School (CES) hosted a Thanksgiving Feast for staff. CES and District Office customers could order a tossed salad, grilled cheese sandwich, macaroni and cheese, pumpkin fluff, or homemade applesauce. 

three students and their teacher share what they're serving with Dr. Christian

The students each had a different responsibility in the food line. Here they are explaining the fare to Superintendent Dr. Christian. 

“My favorite thing is probably the food, because I haven’t tried some of this stuff before,” said CES student Corbin Ruiz. 

In class, the students prepared the food, cut up vegetables for the salad, and packaged some of the items into individual servings. They also made posters. During the feast they each had different jobs to do as customers chose and paid for their food. 

“My favorite thing is the cash register,” said CES student Logan Mayer, who added up the bills using a calculator and handed out change.

“They’re practicing social skills, money skills, using serving tools; it’s really good for a lot of different areas,” said Life Skills teacher Shelly Naylor. “They were very excited about it, and they’re doing a really nice job.”

The students will also be practicing similar skills in a community visit to a local grocery store, where they’ll be working with a budget to purchase supplies for a weekly treat cart. 

Three boys at the doorway welcoming customers to the feast

The students decorated with signs and welcomed customers to the Thanksgiving Feast.