Due to the nationwide bus driver shortage, we are seeking more families to opt out of transportation services and continuing our efforts to hire new drivers. 

Families can choose to opt out of morning or afternoon transportation, or both through Jan. 17, 2022. If you did not opt out of bus transportation previously and would be willing to do so now, please fill out our form as soon as possible: 


The form is optional and you do not need to complete it if you have no intent to change your current transportation mode. 

You can assist us further by sharing information about becoming a driver. If you know of anyone who would be interested, please encourage them to click here for more information on pay rates and how to apply.

Please note that while we presently have scheduled our runs, our ability to provide service depends on the availability of our drivers. Because of the lack of substitute drivers, there may be occasions where we have to schedule double runs if a driver cannot report to work. Parents/guardians will be notified in advance of their child’s pick-up time if this occurs. Children will be excused if they are late. 

Thank you to all those who are providing transportation to and from school!