School volunteers are valuable members of Team Colonial. Through donating your time and talents, you can help the Colonial School District continue to provide the tools, knowledge and resources for our students to succeed in and out of the classroom.

As a result of Pennsylvania laws, all volunteers must complete a volunteer application and upload clearances. Clearances must be less than five years old. 

Click on the bulleted text below to access the corresponding link.  

*Please note that if you've been a Pennsylvania resident for ten consecutive years prior to the date of your volunteer application, you may sign a waiver in lieu of obtaining the FBI Background Check. This waiver is included as part of the application packet. If you require an FBI Background Check, please use code 1KG6XN and choose "Digital Fingerprinting" as the service when registering on the IdentoGO website.

Note that the Child Abuse History Clearance and PA State Police Criminal Background Check are both free for volunteers. 

Thank you for being a valuable part of Team Colonial!