Plymouth Elementary School (PE) third graders joined students across the United States for a virtual math lesson on area and perimeter from nationally renowned math whiz, Greg Tang. Area and perimeter can be tricky, because children often confuse the two terms. 

children holding up numbers using their fingers in classroom

Plymouth Elementary third graders interacting with a lesson on area and perimeter.

"My favorite new strategy is learning the meaning of perimeter," said PE student Benji Colcher. "Peri means 'around' and meter means 'measure,' so the meaning of the perimeter is 'measuring around.'"

While Mr. Tang is new to offering these nationwide lessons known as Thankful Thursdays, Mr. Tang is not new to Colonial teachers. He holds celebrity status as a professional developer for elementary math and has provided a number of concepts and strategies already in use in Colonial classrooms.

"It is great to learn new math strategies, because not everybody thinks the same," added Benji. "Sometimes learning a simple new strategy helps you really understand a concept better."

Mr. Tang's teaching style got the children moving and using visual tools to help them progress quickly from concrete to abstract thinking. 

"Being a part of this national lesson was exciting, because it was great to observe such effective and engaging strategies demonstrated in a simple organized manner for the students," said PE teacher Emily Bolasky. 

The PE third grade will take advantage of more Thankful Thursdays, which are scheduled to continue through the spring.