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How to Log into PowerSchool's Parent Portal

Instructions for logging into PowerSchool's Parent Portal.

1. Go to PowerSchool login by clicking here.

2. Click Create Account. The Create Parent/Guardian Account page appears.

3. Enter your first name.

4. Enter your last name.

5. Enter your email address.

6. Enter your desired user name. It must be unique. If the name you choose already exists, you will be prompted to enter a different one after you press the enter button.

7. Enter your desired password; it must be at least 6 characters long

8. Re-enter your password.

9. Enter your student's first and last name.

10. Enter the Access ID listed on the Transportation Letter.

11. Enter the Access Password listed on the Transportation Letter.

12. Enter your relationship to the student.

13. If you have an Access ID and Password for another student, you may enter them on the next line.

14. When all student information has been completed, press the enter button.

15. If successful, you will be directed to the login screen. If you receive an error message (forgot to fill in a field, your user name or email address are not unique, etc.), you must correct the error(s) AND re-enter the parent password(s) for all students listed. You may then press the enter button again. Continue correcting errors until you see the login screen after pressing the enter button.

Once you log into the PowerSchool website, you may sign up for alerts to be emailed directly to you. These alerts will be triggered by attendance/ account balances based upon the selections you make using the Email Notification link. You may change your alert status at any time. You may also change your email address or password by clicking on Account Settings.

PowerSchool Browsers

With all of the browser versions available in the marketplace, Pearson (the parent company of PowerSchool) uses a model of certification and support to evaluate the general user experience. They recommend choosing “Certified” bowsers for improved security and increased performance.

Occasionally, new PowerSchool features will also leverage emerging browser technologies, which are only available in the latest browser versions.

Browser Compatibility

1) Certified 

PowerSchool is actively tested with this browser. A rich user experience is expected.

2) Supported

PowerSchool is lightly tested or no longer tested with this browser, so issues may arise. Since supported browsers were generally once certified by PowerSchool, a rich user experience is expected to persist.

3) Unsupported

The browser vendor has deprecated this version, so PowerSchool no longer supports it.