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Kindergarten students work on their math skills while programming the BeeBot Robot.  The students will program the robot to move back and forth across a number line making stops at selected numbers.  The stops are determined by the selection of a number card from a pile of cards.  Students need to calculate exactly how many spots the robot needs to move to reach the desired destination then input that program into the BeeBot.

Meet Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, and Lord Farquaad from the CMS production of Shrek the Musical, Jr. Plus waffle bar, arts and crafts, coloring, games, music and more!

In addition to encouraging reading, the Colonial Education Association (the teacher's union) is looking at the week as an opportunity to encourage kindness through community service.

The Pennsylvania School Health Code requires a dental exam for students entering school (Kindergarten or 1st grade), 3rd grade and 7th grade. Please note that any private dental examination is valid and acceptable if done within one year of your child's entry into third grade.

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Building Character at Ridge Park Elementary

Colonial School District students don't simply learn academics at their kindergarten through third grade schools; they also learn character traits that help them develop socially.

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