WES Carport Arrival and Dismissal

Carport pickup at WES can be a challenge.  Joshua Road is a State Road and we only have one way in and one way out at WES.  To make the  carport line run safely, smoothly and quickly for all, we would appreciate the following directions be followed:

1)      Drivers must remain in their car.

2)     Staff will load students into cars – on the passenger side ONLY – for safety reasons.

3)     If you need to buckle your student into a car seat please drive your car further down the lot and off to the side.  This might be a good opportunity to teach your child how to buckle themselves into the car seat.

4)     The car line must be followed all the way to the exit.  No short cuts through the staff/visitor parking area.  This is for safety reasons so there are no children injured or vehicle accidents.

As a reminder for morning drop off staff will unload students from the passenger side ONLY.  All vehicles must exit right out of the school property.  There is a sign on the left side of the driveway stating to EXIT RIGHT.

All staff understand that there are times that you might need to get to an after school appointment at a specific time.  It would be helpful to come prior to 3:00 pm. and sign your child out of WES in the school office. 

Safety of your children and our students is our #1 Priority.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Mrs. Drizin

And the WES Staff