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It is never too early to start thinking about next school year.  Order by June 17th and it's 40% off! You can remove amy individual items that you do not need. Only order what you want.

RISING 4th Grade students headed to CES:


  • The PTO is providing this online store as a service and fundraiser.  It's not mandatory to use.
  • Feel free to edit the kit content to suit your needs.
  • We don't anticipate changes but individual teachers could ask for something specific in September.
  • Standard shipping on kits over $50 is free.
  • The site will be open all summer; Classbundl recommends allowing one week for standard processing and shipping.

Any questions? Please contact Nicole Pearson, CES PTO, at nicole.pearson365@gmail.com.

Kindergarten students work on their math skills while programming the BeeBot Robot.  The students will program the robot to move back and forth across a number line making stops at selected numbers.  The stops are determined by the selection of a number card from a pile of cards.  Students need to calculate exactly how many spots the robot needs to move to reach the desired destination then input that program into the BeeBot.

The Pennsylvania School Health Code requires a dental exam for students entering school (Kindergarten or 1st grade), 3rd grade and 7th grade. Please note that any private dental examination is valid and acceptable if done within one year of your child's entry into third grade.

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