Policies and Procedures

Ridge Park students visit the library weekly to learn library and technology skills, listen to story read alouds and to check out books.


  • Kindergarten: 1 book
  • First, Second and Third Grade: 2 books


The check-out period for books is one week. However, books may be renewed another week, if needed.


At the beginning of each school year, students from kindergarten to third grade are instructed about the care and responsibility of checking out books. Here are some of the ideas that were discussed:

  • Designate a special spot to store your library books.
  • Wash your hands before reading.
  • Always put your book in its special spot after you get through reading.
  • Eating and reading don't mix.
  • Use your backpack to transport your books. (Rain puddles and books don't mix.)

Contact the Librarian

Mrs. Kathy Farrington
Library Media Specialist

Send an email or call
610-825-1083, ext. 4005