Making connections with Art Pen Pals

Artists at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School and Colonial Middle School are getting to know each through their artwork.

CMS Art Club members making post cards

CMS Art Club members working on postcards.

“I liked doing a drawing for a high schooler and wanted to make it special for them,” said CMS eighth grader Diya Gauchan.

The PWHS chapter of the National Art Honor Society and CMS Art Club have started to send postcards back and forth as Art Pen Pals. The postcards feature original artwork and a little text about themselves and their creative process. 

“I have written a bit about me and what I like to draw,” said PWHS artist Emily Spause. “I noticed that my art pal just so happens to be interested in digital art as well.” 

“I've done some quick fun sketches based on the conversations we've had. We both consider ourselves a little "weird," but in a good way, so I've taken this commonality and reflected it in the small drawings I've done. The last postcard I sent I drew a little alien to represent this weirdness in an artistic way,” said PWHS student Allie Fergus. “Not only have I done drawings, but I've also included photography to show that art is more than just drawing and to share different artistic mediums.”

The two clubs meet regularly at their own schools throughout the month and take time during their meetings for the Art Pen Pals project. The idea came from the PWHS National Art Honor Society sponsor and art teacher Candy Maggioncalda who reached out to Traci Rovinsky, Art Club sponsor at CMS. 

“I was immediately excited that our CMS artists would get the chance to connect with high school artists,” said Mrs. Rovinsky. “What a great way for our CMS and PWHS artists to feel a sense of belonging to a larger group of students within our District.”

The Art Pen Pals have plans to meet and will be displaying some of the postcards at the District Art Show in March. The theme of the show is the "Art of Belonging." 

High School students sitting in a large square working on postcards

The PWHS chapter of the National Art Honor Society during a meeting where they created postcards.