International Baccalaureate club teams with Green Conshy

Domenic Rocco and Bob Molony from Conshohocken’s Environmental Advisory Council, otherwise known as EAC or “Green Conshy,” visited the International Baccalaureate club at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School for help planning a family-friendly event for Earth Day 2023 called GreenFest. 

“I think it’s great, because we’re giving back to the community,” said Seve Spruill, PWHS Senior and Treasurer of the club. “A lot of us have been here all our lives since kindergarten, so it’s a great opportunity to give back, allow us to grow as a program, and to work in a joint venture with the EAC.”

The group brainstormed ideas of what kinds of stations they could run and talked about how to finance the event. 

“My favorite thing is the challenge of figuring it all out,” said PWHS Senior Gregory Feinberg who’ll be writing grants with Seve. “Hearing some of their ideas and our ideas, I think we can make something fun.”

“We know that a lot of people want to do things to better the environment, but they don’t know where to start or what the lingo is,” said Mr. Rocco. “So we really want to try to create something to educate people on an ongoing basis.”

PWHS Junior Maya Hockfield came up with two projects that the International Baccalaureate Club will begin putting together for the event: a science experiment for children and a roadmap for households to adopt clean energy practices on a budget.

“I got really involved with global warming and clean energy when I was younger, because my science teacher performed a science experiment to explain it,” said Maya. “I’m just hoping to educate kids and give them the same motivation I got.”

Now that the introductory meeting has taken place, Mr. Rocco and Mr. Molony plan to make several more visits to PWHS to work with the club. 

“These kids are really engaged,” said Mr. Molony. “I was impressed with their unique ideas and how they’re thinking toward the younger generation and the older generation and how to bring them all together. All kinds of ideas were bouncing around in just 30 minutes.” 

GreenFest will take place at the Conshohocken Community Center at the Fellowship House on Saturday, April 22.

Small classroom with students talking

Domenic Rocco and International Baccalaureate Club sponsor Becky Duffy oversee a brainstorming session with the students.