A check up with Dr. Recess leads to diagnosis for fun

Recess may become a whole new ball game for students across the Colonial School District, thanks to Dr. Recess (also known as Curt Hinson, Ph.D.).

Dr. Recess visited Whitemarsh Elementary School on Sept. 29 and is scheduled to stop at other buildings in the district in the coming days to teach students some new and fun games that will get them moving but also allow for more participation and fewer conflicts on the playground. Dr. Recess is a former physical education teacher and author of “6 Steps to a Trouble-Free Playground.”

During an assembly with Whitemarsh students, Dr. Recess called on students to have them try out a variety of new games that they could then play at recess. One of the games was a twist on kickball. While traditional kickball games can sometimes lead to disputes, his version of the game gives everyone a turn and a chance to get their hands (or feet) on the ball. Students on the kicking team can kick the ball and are allowed to run the bases until the defending team knocks a wiffle ball off of a cone. The defending team can only knock the wiffle ball off the cone once they have caught the ball and passed it to each of their teammates. 

Another game involved placing a ball in the “cookie jar” (a flat disc on the ground). A student guards the “cookie jar” and prevents opponents from getting the ball by tagging them on the arm. Players who are tagged must then move on to another player’s “cookie jar” to try again. If a player gets the ball, the person guarding the “cookie jar” must give up his or her spot so the other player can begin guarding. This was a popular choice among Whitemarsh kindergarteners who went out to recess after the assembly.

To learn more about Dr. Recess, visit playfiteducation.com.