Meet the PW AVID Class of 2018

My name is Jess Dixon, and I have been part of AVID since 8th grade. AVID has positively influenced me in so many ways. Before I started AVID, I didn't have good studying techniques and my organizational skills weren't as good as they are now. Now that I've been in AVID for so long, my grades have gotten so much better, and I no longer have to shuffle around in my backpack for papers. AVID has also allowed me to become close with a lot of people that I would've never thought I'd be friends with before. I'm also active on the PW Women's Varsity Field Hockey team, and I've been playing since the 5th grade because I love it. My post high school plan is to go to college and even though my career path is undecided, I think I'd like to major in something sports-related.

My name is Hayley Munsey, and I've been in the AVID program since my junior year. The class has kept me organized and on track with my classes. It has helped me branch out and make more friends, as well as preparing me for the college process. I have been working at the Greater Plymouth Community Center for two years, as well as maintaining a second part-time job while keeping up with school and outside activities. I played softball for PW and my township, as well as township soccer for many years. I don't have a specific preference as of right now for college, but I would like to major in criminal justice to learn more about the law in order to help civilians who need it to the best of my abilities.

Hi, my name's Phylicia White, and I have been part of AVID since freshman year. Since joining AVID, I've always felt the sense of extreme preparation and strong bonds with people in my class. In a way, I feel as if I've always had a best foot forward whenever I've made impactful decisions. Some of these decisions are related to helping me get ahead in the process of college admission via the common app, applications for summer and part-time school year jobs, coherent note-taking for studying, and organizational skills for future endeavors. Through AVID, I've made a lot a good friends that have guided me through PWHS and vice versa. In school, I am a member of many clubs and activities such as the PW Bowling team, Class of 2018 Steering Committee, PW Marching Colonials, Best Buddies and PW Indoor Guard. Outside of school, I currently work at GIANT in Conshohocken as a cashier and for the past two summers, I've been a junior counselor for four-year-old boys at Sesame Rockwood Day Camp in Blue Bell. In the future, I aspire to become a criminal defense attorney with my own firm and hope this career path will eventually lead to my political appointment as Pennsylvania's Mayor or a PA State Senator.

My name is Angelia Shaw, and I've been part of the AVID Class of 2018 since my junior year. I feel AVID has taught me to stay organized in my classes and helped to better prepare me for college. I have met one of my closest friends through AVID. At school, I participate in PW Indoor Color Guard each spring and have been with this team and group of friends since 6th grade. Out of school, I have a job at T'Dori's Italian Takeout in Conshohocken where I work part-time during the school year and over the summer. I am most likely going to attend a close university, but I think it'd also be nice to head further away. I'm looking forward to pursuing a major in physical therapy because I enjoy helping people, and I am interested in how the human body functions.

My name is Kaitlyn Mattei, and I have been in the PWHS AVID program for two years. This program has helped me get more organized and helped me earn and keep higher grades. It has also taught me how to communicate more effectively and easily with my teachers and classmates. For the past four years at PW, I've been involved with the PWHS Color-guard and Marching Band. I currently volunteer each week by teaching Sunday School classes. I love music, creating art, and reading in my spare time. In the future, I hope to become a [music] journalist, work for a magazine, and conduct interviews with musicians.

Hi, my name is Atit Shahi, and I am a senior at PWHS. I have been a member of the AVID Class of 2018 for four years, joining the program when I was a freshman. This class has helped me out a lot because it has helped me be better organized and has encouraged me to strive for and earn good grades. My favorite sport is soccer, and soccer is what I spend my time on extracurricularly out of school. I'm thinking about playing soccer at the college I will be attending. Out of school, I work as cashier at a fast food restaurant. After I graduate from PW, I hope to go to college to earn a degree as a dentist.

My name is Matthew D. Konowal; I've been in the AVID program for two years now, and I must say that the AVID experience has definitely helped me with being better organized with my work in all of my classes. I've taken many honors courses since joining the program, and I have done very well while being in those courses. I've really enjoyed meeting so many different people through the AVID elective class, and I've really enjoyed going on college visits. The visits really helped me when choosing where I will be going to college for the next four years. In school, I've been an active member of the PW Investment Club. As the Investment Club President, I've taken on a big responsibility; I have really enjoyed serving as president because I have been able to teach other students about how to invest in the stock market, which is something that I really enjoy doing myself. My extracurriculars outside of school include working for The Konowal Group, my family's business. I've been working for the company since I was thirteen years-old, and I'm very proud to be working at such a prestigious company. After majoring in business at college, my goal is to take over The Konowal Group and grow it to be more than what it is now; I'm very excited for that point in my future. My hobbies and likes include helping out my church with activities and service-based events we hold. I love spending time with my friends and working out with them. I also, of course, enjoy investing within the market and reading books on business.

My name is Kezia Jemison, and I've been in the AVID program since the 8th grade. Being part of this program has helped me with my organizational skills and has pushed me to realize my true academic potential. Without this program, I don't think I would've taken as many AP classes as I have. I also don't think I would've had the courage to run for Vice President of the Class of 2018 Steering Committee freshman year but I DID run, and it's been an honor to serve as my graduating class's VP for the past four years. The support system supplied to me within the AVID program enabled me to win the vote for office and maintain the position throughout my entire high school career. My peers also encouraged me to audition for the Colonial Players musical production of RENT junior year, which was a monumental step for me. Putting myself "out there" and being submerged in an environment where I was surrounded by constant love and support while spending countless hours in rehearsals really bonded my cast and crew into family. I'm also involved in PW's Student Council as Bonus Block Representative, which is just another way in which I'm challenged socially. It's rewarding to know that my peers look up to me and are able to come to me with their concerns regarding our education. While in school, I've also held a job as a hostess and waitress at our local Cracker Barrel Old Country Store a minimum of 15 hours a week for the past year. My career end-goal is to be a pharmaceutical chemist. I want to be on a team of people that will use its combined knowledge of biology and chemistry to concoct a drug able to positively impact the lives of multiple people. Other things that I enjoy are music in all aspects of the word--listening and performing, origami, watching movies and TV, video games, and shopping.

I'm Audry Krosky, I have been part of AVID since I was in 8th grade. This program has impacted me positively and taught me many things such as note-taking, keeping my grades up, and staying organized with all my work, helping to create great study tools for me. I have been a JV and Varsity PW Cheerleader for 4 years and being on the team is a full-time commitment; it's basically my life from August to February. I have also worked at Mission BBQ in Plymouth Meeting for almost 6 months now, and this will help pay for my college tuition and other things I want. I want to go to college to pursue a career as a doctor or a surgeon.

My name is Alexandra Evan, and I've been in AVID since 8th grade. AVID has helped me become organized with my school work and through the class, I learned how to take notes properly for college and to complete my tasks on time. I am the Founder and President of the PW Anti- Domestic Violence Club, as well as a member in good standing of the National Honor Society and National Honor Technical Society, and former secretary of my Honors Allied Health class. I volunteer my time to many endeavors, including Thomas Jefferson Hospital, the Rachel and Troy Foundation, the Laurel House as a member of the Teen and Young Adult Task Force, babysitting for Rachel Manning and Nicole Lick, serving as a counselor at the Greater Plymouth Community Center, translating my pastor's sermons at church (Casa de Dios y Puertas al Cielo) from Spanish to English. I want to pursue a career in the medical field, specifically in pediatrics or the intensive care nursery. I enjoy spending time at school, volunteering, church, and with friends.

My name is Dontae Wilson. I was invited to be a part of AVID at the beginning of my junior year and it has helped me understand the mindset I need to have in order to be successful in college. AVID has influenced me in a positive way academically because I feel like I have support from teachers and counselors, pushing to be responsible about my grades; they look at me differently in a way that makes me feel supported and challenged. I am an active member of the PW Varsity Football and Men's Track teams. My hope for the future is a career as an athletic trainer.

My name is Ryan Dougherty, and it's been six years since I joined AVID. AVID started as a crutch for me in my first two years with the program, helping me keep track of my assignments and grow as a student. Once reaching PW, AVID turned into an outline which has helped guide me through my classes and reinforce my note-taking skills and overall grades. AVID is also where I met many close friends and bonded over college trips and monthly team-building activities. I plan to pursue a career as a pharmacist, which is an arduous task; however, with the skills I've learned from AVID, I have no doubt I will succeed in my higher education.

Hi, I'm Safiyah Bouguerra. I have been part of AVID since my junior year in high school. AVID has prepared me for college by helping me through the college application process and mentally gearing me up for the college process. I have made so many friends through AVID, and I really enjoy the college trips we take. At PW, I have participated in soccer, track, the Ultimate Frisbee Club, Muslim Cultural Awareness Club, Anti-Domestic Violence Club and more! I have worked part-time at a cafe for the past five months during the summer and this senior school year. I would love to become a detective and will probably major in psychology and minor in criminal justice or criminology. In my free time, I love to play soccer, take photos, and travel with my friends!

I'm Myriah Johnson, and I have been involved with AVID since 8th grade; however, I took a break from the program during 9th and then came back to the program in 10th grade. AVID has made the biggest impact on me because it helped me open my eyes to new experiences and has taught me new things that have helped me throughout life. I have been apart of the PW Track & Field team and was briefly involved with the Best Buddies Club. I have part-time job at Bryn+Danes in Plymouth Meeting, and I also have an annual full-time summer job as a camp counselor for 4 year-old boys at Sesame Rockwood Day Camp in Blue Bell. My main goal for my future is to be independent and financially stable. In my free time, I like to be with my friends and family as much as possible because it just makes me appreciate life.

Hello, my name is Ahmin Williams. I'm a senior who's been in AVID since 11th grade. Being in AVID influences me in many ways during school. Whether it is taking notes, organization or just being on top of my school work, I can talk a lot about how AVID has positively impacted my life. But, the most important thing is being surrounded by friends that I've built a relationship with throughout my years in PW, and a lot of these wouldn't have happened if I wasn't in the AVID program. In school, I play for the PW Men's Basketball Team for the past 3 years. We won the District championship in my sophomore year and then became the captain of the team during my junior year. I work with kids during the summer, volunteering time to help them learn basketball skills, talking to them about being good teammates. I like '90s R&B songs because I can relate to them, I like to watch movies, and I love to be in the gym working on my game; it's a place where I can go to clear my head.

My name is Nicole Herley, and I've been part of the AVID program since I was a sophomore. AVID has positively impacted my life tremendously for many different reasons. It taught me how to be organized not only in the classroom, but also outside of the classroom. Before joining this program, I was very disorganized and didn't know where to start with binders and dividers, etc. I never jotted down my homework and constantly procrastinated, but this program really put me on the right track for success by not allowing me to go back to my unorganized ways, helping to keep me accountable. In addition, because of this program, I met lifelong friends that are in the same shoes as me. College overnight trips were the best because we were able to bond as a class as as friends and have a great time. AVID also motivated me to get more involved in school activities such as clubs and sports.The AVID program here at PW really had a positive impact on my high school career because it shaped me into a well-rounded person with motivation to follow through with and accomplish my goals.

My name is Alyssa Yiaski, and I've been part of AVID for 4 years. AVID has helped me with so many things- especially the college process. AVID has also helped me with my time management and organizational skills. I've met so many great peers being in AVID from all 4 years of the class, and I've built strong bonds with my teachers and counselors through the program. I run track and am part of many clubs at PW. I want to become a psychologist and AVID has helped me achieve this goal by walking me through the college process and getting me college-ready.

Hi, I'm Emma Coleman, and I've been in AVID since freshman year. Being in the AVID program has helped me to become more organized- especially with my honors classes. I have been able to meet new people in the different PW AVID classes, and because of this, I've created a strong bond with many Class of 2018 friends. Time management has been a major part of AVID, and this has helped me to balance all my extracurricular activities along with managing my school work. Dance and track & field are the activities that I mainly get involved with each spring. Spring is usually a busy time period for me, so AVID has really helped me to manage my time wisely and to create a schedule for myself. I hope to pursue a career in nursing at college because I have always had that "nurturing instinct" to take care of people. My favorite hobby in my spare time is dancing, specifically hip hop and ballet classes, and I hope to continue dancing throughout my college career.