Meet the PW AVID Class of 2021

Joseph Armstrong

Photo of Joseph Armstrong

My name is Joseph Armstrong and I've been a part of the AVID program for 4 years. AVID has made an impact on me over the past four years that I will always bring with me throughout my life. When I joined the program, I knew I wanted to push myself to a new academic level every year I was in the program. I started with regular classes, honors, and then reaching my goal of taking multiple AP classes this year. The school activities that I am a part of are:  School Board Student Representative, Interact Club, and Steering Committee. I want to make sure I am always interacting with the community and with the student body as much as I can. I am also a part of the swim team which I started my sophomore year and hopefully will continue to do. My future goal is to go into political science and become a leader in the area.


Photo of Amira HarrisAmira Harris

My name is Amira Harris. I've been a part of AVID since 7th grade which makes this year my 6th enrolled in the program. AVID has influenced me in a sense that it always gives me a jump start on the important things in life, always keeps me organized and on top of things. AVID has helped me not only in school but in my outside life, as well. I use the same techniques day to day. I plan on going to a HBCU and either studying psychology or criminal justice. My top college choice is Spelman in Atlanta, Georgia! In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing basketball or even just napping. Having fun comes very easy to me!


Lilly Balasko

Photo of Lilly BalaskoMy name is Lilly Balasko and I've been a part of AVID since the 8th grade. The program has shaped my outlook on my personal academic career. AVID has guided me past my capabilities as a student and in the real world. I've also never missed an opportunity to be involved in sports at PW. I just started my first season of cross country, I played soccer the three seasons prior, and I plan on finishing my fourth seasons of both indoor and outdoor track this year. In contrast to my athletics, "I wanna be an artist!" was an all too common notion from me as a child, and it was only recently that I'd decided I should pursue my talents as a self made interior designer. As my thirteen years at Colonial School District come to a conclusion, Colonial has fulfilled its purpose in making this goodbye dismal yet effortless; I am now able to enter the world.  


Photo of Leonard BensonLeonard Benson

Hello, my name is Leonard Benson. I've been a part of the AVID program since the 10th grade. AVID has had so many positive influences on me and has given me a head start and more opportunities in the classroom, but also helped me better prepare myself for the real world such as being organized and improving my time management skills. I am not sure yet what college I want to attend or what I want to study. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing basketball or spending time with my family. 




Grant Brugger

Photo of Grant BruggerMy name is Grant Brugger and I have been a part of the AVID program since 8th grade when our teacher was Mr. Taylor. Previously, I attended meetings with the Spanish club and Esports club, but I don't belong to any clubs or affiliations as of now. AVID has helped me to meet some great friends and grow as a student academically, and it motivates me to do the best I possibly can every day. Out of class, I work in the kitchen of Sunnybrook Golf Club. As a career, I am considering either a Computer Hardware Technician or a Clinical Psychologist. Some hobbies that I have are watching hockey and playing video games.





Photo of Bryanna ByrneBryanna Byrne

My name is Bryanna Byrne and I have been part of AVID since eighth grade. AVID has impacted my high school academic experience by helping me with taking notes, studying skills, and organization. Also, it has impacted my social and personal experiences by building relationships throughout my high school years. I worked all 4 years of high school at The Greater Plymouth Community Center. In my sophomore year I joined Interact Club. This club gave me many opportunities with community service. I would like to attend Shippensburg University and major in early childhood education. I like to spend time with my family and friends.


Guadalupe Carmona

Photo of Guadalupe CarmonaI've been fortunate enough to be a part of AVID since 8th grade. Being in this program has helped me become a more organized person with my school work and with my personal life. It's taught me how to write notes that will benefit me in the future when I need to study for a test, and how to manage my time better. I'm involved in our girls soccer team at school, National Art Society, and photo club. Out of school I also play soccer for a club team, and I work for a company, packing orders. My goal is to go to a local 4 year college and major in Actuarial Science. A favorite hobby of mine is doing karate, I've been doing it for 6 years and I've worked hard to be a black belt.



Briana Cassidy

Photo of Brianna Cassidy
My name is Briana Cassidy and I’ve been in AVID since 8th grade. AVID encouraged me to take rigorous honors and AP courses. Additionally, without AVID, I would not be as good a student as I am today. It made me determined and a strong leader in my academic school year. Meanwhile, I’m president of the photography club and National Art Honor Society. I am also in the interact club and Nation Honor Society. All of these clubs allow me to participate and organize community service events. I work as a babysitter for several families. I enjoy helping others who cannot help themselves. Therefore, I would like to become an Anesthesiologist and get my MD to become a doctor.



Raya Gauntlett

Photo of Raya Gauntlett

My name is Raya Gauntlett and I have been a part of AVID since freshman year. This has impacted my high school academic life and social experiences. Through AVID we created a family due to us being with each other for the past four years. Additionally, AVID helped me academically through study sessions. I am involved in the Interact club for PW which is a community service club. I also play soccer and lacrosse. Outside of school, I work and spend time with my friends and family. Into the future, I would like to be an interior designer and architect.




Treasure Greene

Photo of Treasure Green
My name is Treasure Greene and I've been an AVID student since my freshman year. Not only has AVID given me a friend group who wants to grow and is open to new opportunities, but it's given me guidance for the best career and education path. I am on the presidential committee of the Black Culture Awareness Club, manager of the Plymouth Whitemarsh Highschool football team, Black student and families community mentor, and more. Lastly, I plan to study business and go to law school.




Laila Laubert

Photo of Tim McBride

My name is Laila Laubert, and I am an AVID senior. I have been in AVID since seventh grade, and I think it is a class that has truly shaped me into the student I am today. This program has helped me keep up with my academics, all the while, helping to shape me into a productive member of society. AVID has helped me start my college process and decide what colleges and careers would most benefit me in the future. I am also in the schools, Service Learning program, and I am hoping to work with a gift drive this upcoming winter for lower income families, and/or the troops. I am hoping to attend either West Chester or Temple University, and I would like to go into social work after college. I am currently a member of the school newspaper, and I spend a lot of time working at my job, Tony's pizza. Outside of school and my job, I love to read and I love to spend time with my family and friends.



Tim McBride

Photo of Tim McBride

I've been in AVID for five years and it was a place where I could focus on work that I needed to get done and it helped me with my college process. I was able to build up my confidence and become a better public speaker. My early years of AVID were tough and I was very antisocial and did not know how to get out and be myself; but with the projects given to me by AVID and the assignments I had to present I was able to speak to a crowd. I see myself doing AVID behaviors and methods in my daily life, and I even try to be an AVID student in my work environment. AVID was a key to unlocking my full potential, and the lessons I learned in my years of AVID classes has taught me the importance of determination and perseverance through any challenge you might perceive as tough.





Jessica Michener

Photo of Jessica MichenerMy name is Jessica Michener and I have been a part of AVID since eighth grade. AVID has impacted me significantly because it has taught me how to be a hardworking student. I finally understand how to write proper notes and how they benefit me when studying. Outside of school, I play softball for a travel team although currently I'm not playing because of an injury. But, this year I plan on playing for school again. I also have a part time job as a front desk cashier and party host at urban air adventure park. I love working here because I made some amazing friendships at work and I get to watch little kids have fun. I like being around little kids and helping them because my mom is a preschool teacher and I get to help her with the kids a lot. It just fills my heart with happiness when I'm helping and playing with kids. In the future I want to be a surgeon or something in the medical field. I have always been fascinated by doctors and anything medical since I was a little kid.


Chauncey Miller

Phot of Chancey MillerMy name is Chauncey Miller and I have been in the AVID program for 5 years; I believe that AVID has impacted me in so many ways. First, AVID has helped me with my organization and neatness. When I wasn't in AVID, I remember having papers everywhere in my binder, and didn't know the best setup; however, being in the class changed that. AVID also made me persevere by getting help when needed and by always asking questions when I didn't understand something. It has opened me up socially and allowed me to be more involved in a lot of activities. Throughout high school, I took part of the Morning Announcements and became president in 10th grade. I was in the theater program my first year of AVID and in 10th grade; it was so much fun! I've been working at my job, Deli on 4th, for 3 years now and my role is to make food, operate the register, place orders, and make sure that the customers are satisfied. In the future, my dream is to become a news reporter, and use my voice for the nation rather than school. I love to sing, watch tv, listen to music, and hang out with my friends.


Bri Neri

Photo of Bri NeriMy name is Brianna Neri and I have been a part of AVID since my freshman year. AVID is a great opportunity to be a part of as it gets you ready for college. AVID has also helped me stay organized, and has taught me to be on top of my other classes at all times. I am involved in sports here at PW and have been a manager for our boys jv soccer team along with our girls track team. I love being involved in these sports, because it helps you create a better bond with the players and you get to be part of the team! In my free time, i like to have fun with my friends and go out to try new things. After school I attend my job at Love My Doggy Daycare which I love so much. I have been working here for almost a year now and am on my way to being a manager. For my future career I would like to pursue in pediatric psychology; I hope to be able to attend La Salie, Saint Joe's, or Ursinus to further my education.

Kaleigh O'Kane

Photo of Kaleigh O'KaneMy name is Kaleigh O'Kane and I've been in the AVID program since 8th grade. AVID has helped me in so many ways such as organization and presentation skills. Before AVID I was very shy and didn't like standing up in front of the class. AVID taught me how to be confident while presenting and now I'm able to present in any class. I am on the steering committee so I'm always helping plan for our grades events. I work at the Conshohocken Veterinary. My job is to help the animals get shots, bloodwork, and help the doctor during surgeries. I am going to college to become a Nurse Practitioner, and I would like to go to University of Delaware or Bloomsburg for school. Some of my hobbies include painting and hanging out with my friends.


Marisa Sloan

Photo of Marisa SloanMy name is Marisa Sloan, and I have been a part of the AVID program for a total of 4 years. For me, AVID has been a program that has exposed me to good study and organizational habits to upkeep not only throughout high school, but also to carry on through college. AVID has also introduced me to the college process early on. We started going on college trips freshman year which has helped me find schools I favored and allowed me to start my college list. Aside from AVID, I am the Co-Editor in Chief for the school magazine, the Continental, and I am the Managing Editor for the school newspaper, the Town Crier. I am also an ADL Peer Trainer, and I am a member of the Student Council and Principal Leadership Council. Although I am not sure what college I hope to attend, my goal for the future is to attend Medical School and get my Doctorate degree. When I am not in school, I like reading and taking care of my succulents. I also love working at my job at Butler Pike Family Dentistry as a Dental Assistant.

Aja Smith

Photo of Aja SmithMy name is Aja Smith and this is my third year in the AVID program. AVID has allowed me to meet new people as well as develop useful and practical skills that I use not only in the classroom but in everyday life. Through this program, I have improved on different studying strategies and have become more organized.

I have been playing varsity volleyball since freshman year as well as working a part-time job for the past year. When I graduate, I hope to play collegiate volleyball and study Anthropology, Psychology, or social thought. In my free time, I like to read, listen to music, and catch up on binge-worthy Netflix shows.