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Meet the PW AVID Class of 2020



My name is Briahna. I have been in AVID for 5 years now. I am a cheerleader at PW and have been since my sophomore year. I work after school at Dairy Queen with most PW students when I am not cheerleading. I now want to be a social worker when I grow up and work with children. I am in tech and have been in tech for 3 years. I now got accepted into a teacher academy where I want to further my education. This is a college-based class kind of like AVID. Thanks to AVID I know know what to do and where to start with my application process. Without AVID I would be lost in the college process. So I would like to thank AVID for my academic achievements as well as my improvement in the college process.

Briahna Nicole Beasley

Hi, my name is Jessica Bedford, and I have been a part of avid for 5 years. I am an active member of the art club since my sophomore year. I am also an art major. My future plans include becoming an interior designer, and my ideal college to attend is IUP. AVID has impacted my life for the better, they have prepared me for college through Cornell notes, and tutorials. They have also helped a great deal through the college application process, I would have never known what to do without them. "A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning." Thank you.

Jessica Bedford

I have been in AVID for one year and it has already impacted me tremendously. The program has helped with my overall growth as a person, from socializing more to being informed with certain things that I never knew. The more I socialize, the more I break out of my comfort zone. I'm in the BCA club in school. Outside of school, I work at a nursing home as a waitress, I run a cosmetics line and do makeup. I like being creative and artistic in all aspects, and one of my favorite things to do is draw. In the future, I can see myself helping animals in some sort of way and being in the medical field at the same time. I am greatly considering wanting to become a veterinary anesthesiologist, or an animal rehabilitator. Along with this, I'll still be able to do makeup on the side as it's one of my many passions. I know my senior year will fly by, so I want to take the time out to thank the AVID teachers and my family, which is my main source of support, especially my mom and my dad. 

Tiara Siyanni Bond

I've had the privilege of being a part of the AVID program for 5 years. AVID has pushed me to reach for things I'd never have thought possible before joining. I have been able to reach for college opportunities I never would have even known about without the program, let alone think I was a competitive enough a student to get into such prestigious places. On top of AVID, I am a part of the guitar club, have done some tutoring for younger students in certain math and science classes, and work to provide for me and my family. I plan to apply for a Questbridge full-ride scholarship, which will give me a completely paid college tuition and other essentials if I am lucky enough to get awarded the opportunity. I dream of attending Swarthmore College as a Biochemistry major pursuing a doctorate and eventually becoming an Anesthesiologist. I look forward to seeing where I and all my AVID classmates wind up for our post-secondary education, and I'd like to thank Ms. Canning and Mr. Grourke for the much-needed help throughout all of our college processes.

Mark Grant Brugger

I have been in the AVID program for two years. I've been a part of the Plymouth Whitemarsh baseball program for four years, and part of the varsity team that had captured a suburban one American conference title and made an appearance in the state playoffs. After my high school career is over I hope to continue my athletic career at the collegiate level. I plan to go to a four-year institution and study mathematics to become a sports statistician. AVID has helped me become a better student and helped me realize how important little things like organization are. I would like to thank Mrs. Canning, Mr. Grourke, Mrs. Lynch, and Mrs. Marino for helping me with the college process. 

Quindarius Vyonne Dye

Hi, my name is Sophia Farrell and I have been in AVID for 3 years. I have been involved in many clubs at PW including Steering Committee, President of Habitat for Humanity club, TSA, and fly fishing club. This past summer, I was also involved in the AVID Summer Institute in Philadelphia, the first of PW ever! It was an awesome opportunity to be able to spread knowledge about what AVID is really about to teachers all around the country. As of my academic future, I plan on going to a four-year university to possibly study STEM Education, but who knows where the future will take me. If it weren't for AVID, I wouldn't be the student I am today. AVID has helped me grow as a person and be able to figure out things on my own. The AVID program has not only helped me as a student, but it has provided me with a second family and a safe place to go when I need it most! I'd like to thank Mrs. Canning, Mr. Grourke, Mrs. Lynch, and my AVID family.

Sophia Camilla Farrell

I've been in AVID for three years. I am a gymnastics coach at Kendrick Gymnastics. I have been coaching for five years. I also volunteered in the Special Olympics for a few years. In the future, I plan to be an Athletic Trainer. I plan to help those who are injured get back in the game. I want to go to a 4-5 year college and go for my bachelor's degree then my master's. AVID has changed me in so many ways. I am now organized, can take proper notes, and keep up with all my work. AVID has made my high school years so much easier by being there for me. They have supported anything I wanted to do with my career and future. They have helped me figure out what I want to be, and how I should go about doing it. AVID also gave me another family to fall back on. I have gained so many more friendships just by being in AVID. Thank you AVID family! Thank you, Mrs. Canning, Mr. Grourke, and Mrs. Lynch. Thank you for all your help and support!

Harley Feher

I have been in the AVID program ever since I was in 8th grade, and the class and people that have ridden it out with me throughout those years made this experience truly special. I am in the Plymouth Whitemarsh Basketball Program since my freshmen year, I played basketball ever since 2nd grade and my love for it has grown ever since. Even though basketball is just a sport, basketball has taught me important life lessons and taught me to never give up regardless of how many times you fail. My future plans in life are to attend college at a PSAC school, I have chosen six schools, Clarion, Cal, ESU, Kutztown, Shippensburg, and Lock Haven; the schools I am leaning towards the most are Cal, Clarion, and Lock Haven. The AVID program has impacted my life greatly, everyone previously in AVID had said that the experience had made them more organized as a student and a person; I am here to agree with them and say that they are not just saying it to sugar coat AVID. AVID has made me into a more matured student, not being sloppy with my work and project, always being on time, and seeking help immediately if needed are all habits I have inherited from AVID. I would like to personally thank the late and great  Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Canning, and Mr. Grourke for seeing that AVID was a great fit for me as a student and a maturing teen, this experience was a blast and I will truly miss it.

Jayden Glover

Hi, my name is Ryan, and I have been in AVID for 2 years and I've enjoyed every moment of it. AVID has impacted my life significantly in the college portion of my high school career and has helped me in many ways. I was involved in the TSA program last year, and I went to a competition to race something I made. The past 3 summers I have been working at a bounce company called Beanie Bounce Party Rentals; throughout the time working there I have worked my way up to a management position. As for my academic future, I plan on attending a four-year university to study Engineering. Thank you so much AVID for getting me to the place I am now!

Ryan Henry

I have been in the A.V.I.D. program for five years. With and without AVID, I have volunteered for many community service projects that have affected me in great ways. I was a junior and senior captain of the cheerleading team that I have been a part of all four years of high school. This has taught me great leadership and time-management skills considering cheer is an all year long sport. In addition, I've been able to maintain other responsibilities, such as working two jobs. I plan to go to college to get my master’s degree in secondary education with a minor in ASL (American Sign Language) and creative writing. AVID has impacted me as a student and person outside of the classroom. I push myself more than I have before with dedication and determination. I want to thank all my AVID teachers for seeing something in me that I didn't see before. I want to thank my AVID class for giving me a safe place to grow. Lastly, I want to thank my family for supporting me through everything. I wouldn't be the person I am today if I didn't have these opportunities or people in my life.

Emilita Marcucci

My name is Tim McNally. I've been in AVID since freshman year. I have also played Football for four years. I'm the captain of the Football team and have been starting since my sophomore year. My plan after I graduate is to play Football in college. I'm not sure what my major will be in college, or what I want to do after college. Hopefully, I'll figure it out soon. AVID has made a huge impact on my life in these four years. The most impactful thing about AVID has been the relationships I've made with my classmates and teachers. I've made so many new friends and formed a bunch of good relationships. Mrs. Canning and Mr. Grourke have been so supportive and have helped me with any problems I had throughout High School. I would like to thank Mrs. Canning, Mr. Grourke, all my other teachers, my parents, and all my coaches. 

Timothy McNally

I have been in the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program for four years now, starting freshman year. I do several different clubs and activities at PW. Avid has encouraged me to join such clubs by giving me time to research clubs, set goals, and explore my interests. It has also given me the opportunity to take part in community service. In addition, it has encouraged me to volunteer on my own time. Also the activities I have done in AVID has helped me create a good work ethic, I have been working since I was 14. Additionally, the different research projects given in AVID has helped me identify my future career path, business. One example was when I had the chance to shadow a marketing manager. Moreover, AVID has assisted me in pinpointing a few specific careers in business I would be interested in. AVID has provided ample help with preparing me for the PSAT and SAT. Also, they are helping me through the whole college process. Furthermore, I am applying to eight different schools, all fairly local. The AVID program has helped me develop through high school into a better student. I would like to thank Mrs. Canning, Mr. Gourke for helping me through this process.


Dylan Robert Moldovsky

Hello, my name is Jordan Ortiz-Grossman. I was in AVID when I was in 8th then I was accepted back into the program this year in 12th grade. In high school, I've played football for 3 out of the 4 years and I love it. It's time consuming but the bonds made are different than any other. Outside of school and football, I work for Post-Up which is a basketball hoop install company and I also babysit for people around the neighborhood who need help looking after their kids. For college, I  plan on going to a 4-year university and study Law or Engineering depending on where my life takes me. AVID has impacted me tremendously by keeping me on track for things that I wouldn't do on my own, and keeping me up to date with important things in the college process. I would like to thank The AVID program and the people who run it for accepting me back into the program to help me with the college process throughout my senior year.

Jordan Ortiz-Grossman

My name is Raven Phillips and I have been in AVID since eight grade. I did cheer for my first two years of high school. After that, I went on to do an internship over the summer as a career exploration option. I have decided on becoming a nurse anesthetist, and plan on beginning my journey at La Salle University. AVID has helped me become a more organized and accomplished student. As well as aiding in the application process, because without this class I would most likely not be applying by now. AVID has also allowed me to see colleges and identify the types of colleges that I am looking for. Most importantly I realized what type of college I absolutely do not want to attend. I'd like to thank every teacher involved in AVID who has pushed us all along the way to be more organized. Whether or not we enjoyed doing the notes, they have helped immensely.

Raven Phillips

Hi, my name is Christian Vetrone, and AVID has helped me a lot since I started being in the program back in 8th grade. I have been in it all four years of high school as well. AVID has helped me so much all four years including all the notes to college application this year. I have been playing football for the school for 2 years now. My future academic plans include going to college for communication especially Sports Media. My dream is to go to Susquehanna to get my bachelor's in communications. AVID has taught me to believe in myself and strive for things you never think you could do. This class has been my second home since freshman year and I couldn't be happier. I would like to thank Mrs. Canning, Mr. Grourke, and especially Mr. Taylor for suggesting me to be in the program 5 years ago.

Christian Alexander Vetrone

Hi, my name is Claudia Vetrone, and I have been a part of the AVID program for five years now. I have been involved in the Cosmetology program at Central Montco Technical High School since my sophomore year. Throughout the five years, I have been in AVID I have been a part of a lot of community service projects. During my sophomore year, I came up with the idea to have a Gratitude Breakfast to show how our first avid teacher, Mr. Taylor, influenced all of us. For my academic future, I plan on going to college to study business management. AVID has helped me become a better person in and out of the classroom. The AVID program has given me a second family that I can feel comfortable around and be myself. I'd like to thank Mrs. Canning, Mr. Grourke, my AVID class, my family, and of course Mr. Taylor for believing in me these past five years. Each one of you has taught me something new that I will carry with me for the rest of my life when I walk across that stage come June.

Claudia Elizabeth Vetrone

My name is Chloe Wilson. This is my second year in AVID. I plan on staying close to home and eventually becoming a nurse anesthetist. AVID has impacted my life by helping me better organize my school work. It has also pushed me to research my profession and find the perfect fit for me. I have known for a while that I wanted to go into the medical field, but I always changed what field of medicine. Without AVID I may not have gotten into Allied Health at my tech school. I also would have a completely different list of schools. I am applying to a few schools that are kind of far and without AVID I never would have considered them. I would like to thank Mrs. Canning and Mr. Grourke for pushing me to look into different schools and for helping me with the whole application process. 

Chloe Margaux Wilson