AVID seniors earn $2,000,000 in scholarship offers

The seventeen Plymouth Whitemarsh High School seniors in the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program have received 58 college acceptance letters and $2,000,000 in scholarship offers. Find out where they're headed in the slide show below. 

What is AVID?

AVID focuses on giving students in the academic middle the tools that they need to be more successful in the classroom and prepare for college. During the AVID elective at Colonial Middle School and Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, teachers help students learn the “hidden curriculum,” like how to study and take better notes, how to benefit from being more involved and attentive in class and how to manage their time.

As a multi-year course focusing on college readiness, AVID encourages students to take rigorous honors and AP courses and provides academic support. In the higher grades, the AVID students also learn about the college application process and visit several colleges in the area.

Students commit to the elective program each year by signing a pledge at a special event. Through this process, the students take ownership of their learning, and the event emphasizes the fact that AVID puts the responsibility to achieve directly on the students.

While AVID is a nation-wide initiative, Colonial School District was the first district in Pennsylvania to adopt the program in 2007.