Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School is a collaborative initiative that was thoroughly investigated over a three-year period. It is the belief that BYOD promotes the leveraging of digital technologies to improve student learning experiences (collaboration, communication and critical thinking) in the classroom while facilitating safe and productive use of personal devices.

PWHS teacher leaders and administration in partnership with curriculum supervisors and the technology department will support teachers in their goals to include the use of personal devices as a supplement to existing school resources and help students understand how their personal devices can be a tool for their own learning.

Potential of Personal Devices

Students who opt to bring in personal devices will agree to use their devices appropriately and for educational purposes only to enhance and manage their individual learning experiences.


  • organize and monitor assignments and projects
  • manage daily agendas, due dates and set reminders for long-term assignments
  • access digital tools/applications for collaboration, sharing and communication
  • formulate mathematical and scientific calculations
  • document events and record in-class artifacts for reference
  • access online textbooks, databases and online resources
  • access learning management systems, online courses and class resources
  • proofread and edit working documents
  • conduct meaningful research and take notes
  • capture and edit images and video
  • participate in surveys and polls for instantaneous analysis
  • create digital publications, presentations and portfolios

Learning and Instruction

Students are not required to bring in personal devices to school, as will remain the case as PWHS implements BYOD. All students will continue to be able to use PWHS equipment when appropriate as no student will be left out of the instructional process.

Devices may be used during class time at the discretion of the classroom teacher only. Teachers are not required to implement personal devices into instruction, but those who opt to implement personal electronic devices will work to create positive and structured learning environments and set clear expectations for personal devices in the classroom by communicating:

P - Purpose for using the device is always educational.
R - Responsible use of the device is always expected.
I - Instructions for the device are always followed.
D - Devices will only access the school's WIFI network.
E - Every student will conduct themselves responsibly online.

Code of Conduct

It should be recognized that BYOD at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School is a privilege for students, not a right. As mentioned above, students will be required to follow all classroom procedures and the student code of conduct, or forfeit this privilege and be subject to additional disciplinary consequences as listed in Chapter 8 and Appendix C of the Student/Parent Handbook. ยท

  • 1st Violation: Confiscation of device until the end of the school day, administrative warning
  • 2nd Violation: Confiscation of the device, mandatory parent meeting to retrieve the device and a Saturday detention will be assigned
  • 3rd Violation: Confiscation of the device, mandatory parent meeting to retrieve the device and a one-day OSS will be assigned
"By effectively leveraging web-based tools and resources, schools not only have the opportunity to deepen student learning but can also develop digital literacy, fluency and citizenship in students that will prepare them for the high tech world in which they live, learn and work."
Alberta Education, 2012 - Bring Your Own Device: A Guide for Schools

Bring Your Own Device Implementation

At Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, students are permitted to bring their own electronic device to school. Electronic devices include but are not limited to the following: cell phones, smart phones, MP3 players/I-Pods, tablets/I-Pads and laptop computers.

Students may use these devices in the classroom AT THE DISCRETION OF THE TEACHER and/or in technology safe zones which include the hallways during transition in between classes and in the cafeterias. Students agree to use the district WiFi network and are not permitted to use 3G or personal networks during school hours. Students MAY NOT use personal devices to make phone calls at any time during the school day unless directed otherwise by the teacher, administration or designated staff member.