Acceptable Use Policy

It is the policy of the Colonial School District that its computers, networks, internet, electronic communications and information systems must be used for education-related purposes only. Student use of CSD information technology systems for any other purpose may result in the cancellation of the privilege to use the network(s) and equipment of the district, and may also result in disciplinary consequences.
The Colonial School District works to ensure student safety as all access to the internet is filtered to screen out inappropriate web sites, chat rooms and non-educational related media. Filtering of internet access within the Colonial School District meets the requirements of the federal regulations as defined in:
  1. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) which requires libraries and schools to install filters on their Internet computers to retain federal funding and discounts for computers and computer access.
  2. The Child Online Protection Act (COPA) which prohibits the transmission of any material over the Internet deemed “harmful to minors” if the communication was made for a commercial purpose.
Additionally, parents have the right to deny individual internet access for their children by indicating this request in writing.
The entire texts of CSD Board Policies related to Electronic Devices (#237), Acceptable Use of Internet and School Computer Network (#815) and Use of Electronic Communications (#815.1) are available on the School Board Policy page. Click here to go to the School Board Policy page