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College Application Checklist

Click here for a short printable checklist to help keep your College Application process on track.

Monthly College Planner for your Senior Year


  • Register for the October SAT. The deadline is early in September.
  • Request a letter of recommendation from two teachers to be uploaded onto your Naviance and the Family Connection account.
  • Register for tests needed for admission (for example: SAT, SAT Subject test, ACT).
  • Check on Naviance and the Family Connection to see what colleges are visiting PWHS. Obtain a pass from the College Counseling Office to meet with the representatives.
  • Meet with Ms. Tamborello to be sure that your list includes colleges appropriate to your academic record and personal interest.
  • Write application essays and have them reviewed by your English teacher and/or the PW Writing Center.
  • Review your personal records to ensure their accuracy.
  • Write, call or e-mail the colleges still on your list and request information.
  • Plan visits to colleges.
  • Check for scholarship opportunities on Naviance and the Family Connection.
  • Parents should attend a brief college application session at 6:30PM on September 14 (before Back to School Night).
  • Register now for a FSA ID from the Federal Government. This will allow you to file the FAFSA form on line. You will need an ID for one parent AND an ID for the student.
  • Register for the November SAT. The deadline is in early October.


  • The FAFSA becomes available October 1st. Check college deadlines.
  • Encourage your parents to attend a session on completing the FAFSA on October 19th at 7PM.
  • Complete and submit early decision/early action applications.
  • Set up tours and interviews at colleges of your choice. Call the Admission Office to schedule an appointment. Remember to also make appointments with the financial aid offices and ask what type of financial aid application is required and if scholarships are available.
  • Consult with Mrs. Tamborello again to review your final list of colleges.
  • Encourage your parents to attend Coffee & Questions in the PWHS library when scheduled. Parents can meet with college counselor, Pat Tamborello for an informal "Koffee Klatch" to address questions about the college admission process. No registration is required.
  • Check to see if the colleges on your list require the CSS Profile. If they do, register online
  • Have official test scores sent by the testing agency to colleges on your list.
  • Be sure your grades are strong. Colleges often request to see senior grades.
  • Meet with colleges that visit PW.


  • Plan to attend NACAC college fair (if needed) on Sunday, Nov 12, 11:00AM to 3:00PM at the PA Convention Center.
  • Division I and II athletes must register for initial eligibility at the NCAA Eligibility Center website.
  • Applications should be completed (for many institutions) by Thanksgiving.
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR PARENTS ABOUT MILITARY RECRUITING....Both federal and state laws of Pennsylvania require that any local educational agency receiving assistance under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 provide military recruiters the same access to secondary school students as is provided to post secondary education institutions or prospective employers of students. In compliance with these laws we must provide military recruiters with a student directory of names, addresses and phone numbers of all juniors and seniors. The military use these directories for recruiting purposes and for informing students of scholarship opportunities. Parents have the right to request their child's information not be included. Send a written request to the attention of Mrs. Marino in the College Counseling Center by 11/30/2017 in order for your child's name to be deleted from the directory. Additional information on this requirement may be found in the PA Dept. of Education's Web site in Basic Education Circulars—Access to Secondary Students.
  • Meet with colleges that visit PW.


  • If you applied for early decision or early action, you should have an answer in this month. If you are accepted, follow the directions for admitted students. If you have not been admitted, check to make sure your other applications are processed and that you have a good chance to be admitted.
  • Complete and return Transcript Request Forms prior to the first Friday in December to have your transcripts mailed before the winter break.
  • Continue to search for scholarships on Naviance and the Family Connection.
  • Check for financial aid and scholarship deadlines on college applications.


  • Contact the College Counseling Office to have your mid-year grades sent to the colleges where you are applying IF they are required.
  • File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, if you have not done so. All types of aid (including a student loan) originate as a result of filing the FAFSA.


  • AVOID SENIORITIS. Remember, colleges will evaluate your final high school record.
  • Call colleges that you have not yet heard from and inquire about the status of your application.


  • File the FAFSA form now if not yet completed. Many colleges have a February 15 deadline.
  • Check on any financial aid forms that the college(s) may require.
  • After submitting the FASFA, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) online. You will have to check this form for corrections. Read and follow all directions.


  • Keep track of acceptances, denials and financial aid letters. Your cooperation in informing our office of all admission decisions will be requested. Update Naviance and the Family Connection.
  • Make sure you have sent in housing reservations.
  • Please bring in a copy of all acceptance letters you receive to the College Counseling Center, so that we may include your good news on our Celebrating Success bulletin board located outside the Counseling Center.
  • Bring in a copy of all scholarships received for inclusion in the graduation booklet by May 16.


  • All students enrolled and pre-paid for their test(s) in AP classes will automatically be scheduled for AP exams.
  • Let the college know if you are going to accept their offer of admission by May 1 by submitting a tuition deposit.NACAC's statement of Principles of Good Practice suggests that only one deposit be submitted.
  • Update your Naviance Family Connection account as to your college and university acceptances, denials, etc.


  • You will be asked to complete your post-graduation STATE SURVEY in your Bonus Block class. Your final transcript to the college you will attend is sent based on the information in this survey. It is also considered an "obligation" if you do not complete this requirement.


  • Write thank you notes to those people who have written letters of recommendations for you and for any scholarships you have or will receive.

For more information about college planning or the college planners for all four years of high school, please visit counseling's College Planning page.


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