Student Initiated

Agape Student Fellowship

Description: A faith-based club which meets to provide activities and camaraderie designed to encourage and inspire students interested in the Christian faith.
Eligibility Requirements: All are welcome
Time Commitment: Weekly meetings and events optional
Procedure for Joining: Attend meeting, see sponsor
Sponsor: TBD

American Sign Language

Description: TBA
Eligibity Requirements: TBA
Time Commitment: TBA
Procedure for Joining: Contact sponsor
Sponsor: Ms. Russo

Amnesty International

Description: Students bring attention to the violation of basic human rights by governments by writing letters, arranging guest speakers and fundraising.
Eligibility Requirements: Must write 5 urgent action letters and pay minimal dues
Time Commitment: About 30 minutes a week
Procedure for Joining: Attend publicized meetings and pay dues
Sponsor: Mr. Madel

Animal Rights Club

Description: Help animals in shelters and to raise awareness of animals in shelters and their needs.
Eligibility Requirements: Must be interested in helping animals
Time Commitment: Attend meetings throughout the year and help with fundraising activities.
Procedure for Joining: Attend publicized meetings
Sponsor: Mr. Ortlieb

Benefit for A Friend

Description: A club that organizes an annual concert to benefit various charities in addition to raising money throughout the year for additional charities.
Eligibility Requirements: You must help out with all benefit events each year.
Time Commitment: Attend monthly meetings throughout the year
Procedure for Joining: Contact an officer or Mr. Gallagher
Sponsor: Mr. Gallagher

Environmental Concerns Club

Description: the environmental club offers the opportunity for PW students to learn about environmental issues in order to make a positive difference at our school and in our community.
Eligibility and Requirements: Strong interest and desire required
Time Commitment: Activities/projects determines time invested
Procedure for joining: Apply to Sponsor
Sponsor: Mrs. Warga

Executive Model

Description: To help support and encourage the education and efficient utilization of the stock market for future Americans. We hope to teach students how to effectively invest their money and use the stock market to their advantage through a series of possible strategies.
Eligibility Requirements: Any student interested in the stock market
Time Commitment: To be determined
Sponsor: Mr. Coleman

Fly-Fishing Club

Description: Students learn the basics of fly fishing. The club will increase awareness of the need to conserve and protect our waterways.
Eligibility Requirements: Willingness to have fun, lots of patience and environmentally friendly.
Time Commitment: When available
Procedure for Joining: Contact sponsor
Sponsor: Mr. Grourke

Gay-Straight Alliance

Description: A group that meets to work on issues of safety and equity for gay, transgender and questioning youth.
Eligibility Requirements: None
Time Commitment: After school meetings and occasional activities
Procedure for Joining: Attend publicized meetings
Sponsor: Mr. Ortlieb

Gender Equity Club: The NeXXt Gen

Description: An organization that will educate and bring awareness to gender equity issues in the United States.
Eligibility Requirements: All are welcome
Time Commitment: Monthly meetings after school
Procedure for Joining: Contact sponsor or committee members or attend first meeting
Sponsor: Madame Kuszyk

Metaphysics Society of PW

Description: An organization that holds intellectual discussion and personal enlightenment among its members as its primary objective. Philosophical texts that relate to present day political, social and religious issues will be read individually and discussed at our meetings.
Eligibility Requirements: None
Time Commitment: Meetings every other week after school; dates and times are flexible.
Procedure for Joining: Contact sponsor
Sponsor: Mr. Gallagher

Republican Club

Description: The purpose of this student run political party is to develop critical thinking skills in students in relation to politics that are molded by their own life experiences and opinions. The goal of this student run political organization is to allow fellow “conservative” students to meet together to discuss the basic principles and doctrines of the Republican Party, to dissect and learn about the United States Constitution to discuss national as well as international politics, and to allow students who want to start participating in local, state and national politics the opportunities to do so.
Eligibility Requirements: None
Procedure for Joining: Contact sponsor
Sponsor: Mr. Gallagher

Schools for Sustainability

Description: PW students fundraise and raise awareness for a fantastic non-profit organization that builds schools with a curriculum that teaches environmental sustainability in impoverished regions.
Eligibility: 9th-12th grade students looking to have fun and make a difference.
Time: Bi-weekly meetings, participate in fundraising
Procedure: Come to a meeting. Email Sydne.
Sponsor: Mr. Culp

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