Art and Music


Description: Promotes understanding and enjoyment of anime through viewing and discussion. Anime is Japanese animation of manga, the Japanese equivalent of comic books and is considered by many to be more sophisticated and contain deeper meanings than American cartoons.
Eligibility Requirements: None
Time Commitment: Meets every other week.
Procedure for Joining: Contact sponsor
Sponsor: Ms. Geiger


Description: The PWHS Chamber Ensemble will explore music outside of the realm of full symphony Orchestra and provide music for scheduled community functions.
Eligibility Requirements: Any PWHS string player, audition
Time Commitment: Several hours a month
Procedure for Joining: Contact sponsor for audition
Sponsor: Mrs. Derewitz


Description: Students act, dance, sing and develop technical theater craft through two productions a year
Eligibility Requirements: Students are eligible after rigorous auditions and must maintain academic standards.
Time Commitment: The fall production averages 10 hours per week with more rehearsals the final two weeks. The musical averages thirteen hours per week.
Procedure for Joining: Audition
Sponsors: Mrs. Collado (fall production) and Mr. Engel (spring musical)

Improv Club

Description: Playing improvised games, making friends and laughing at puns are just a handful of fun things offered by PW’s Improv Club. The club sets out to help you reach one goal: make you funnier off the top of your head with the help of improvisational games like Whose Line Is It, Anyway’s “Scenes from a Hat” and other similar games.
Eligibility Requirements: Any student who has a love for comedy, learning and willingness to try new things.
Time Commitment: One I-Block a month and one after school meeting per month
Procedure for Joining: Sign up with Mrs. Downer in Room 57
Sponsor: Mrs. Downer

Indoor Drum Line

Description: This percussion ensemble rehearses from December until April and participates in the Cavalcade Indoor Drill Association and/or Mid-Atlantic Percussion Society.
Eligibility Requirements: Audition
Time Commitment: One-two evening rehearsals per week and Saturday rehearsals and competitions from December until April.
Procedure for Joining: Attend an introductory meeting in November and then pass an audition
Sponsor: Mr. Blubaugh or see Mrs. Kaufman for more Information


Description: The Indoor Guard learns complex movement, flag and rifle techniques and competes in the Cavalcade Indoor Drill Association and/or Tournament Indoor Association.
Eligibility Requirements: Demonstrate basic movement and twirling proficiency
Time Commitment: Two evening rehearsals and one Saturday rehearsal each week and 5-8 Saturday competitions from December through April
Procedure for Joining: Attend an introductory meeting in November and then pass an audition


Description: The Jazz Band is a select group that performs for community events and competes in Cavalcade Jazz. Students develop their appreciation and knowledge of improvisation, ensemble playing and various styles of music.
Eligibility Requirements: All students must be experienced musicians that play trumpet, trombone, saxophone, guitar, bass, drums, or piano.
Time Commitment: One after school rehearsal per week and select evening rehearsals from November through May; several Friday and Saturday evening band competitions.
Procedure for Joining: Attend a meeting in November to receive the audition packet. Practice the packet and then pass an audition.
Sponsor: Mrs. Kaufman


Description: A small jazz group that focuses on jazz improvisatory skills
Eligibility Requirements: Play an instrument with basic proficiency
Time Commitment: One rehearsal per week and 3-6 Friday or Saturday evening competitions or performances from December through May
Procedure for Joining: Attend a meeting in November to receive the audition packet; practice the packet and then pass an audition
Sponsor: Mrs. Kaufman


Description: Rhythmic Dance / Stomp Squad
Eligibility Requirements: Coordination, rhythm, timing and some dance ability
Time Commitment: One after school rehearsal per week. Perform at various Basketball games and school functions from September through March.
Procedure for Joining: Sign up for the three week training session in September to learn the steps. Tryouts are during the fourth week.
Sponsor: Ms. Williams


Description: The Marching Colonials participate in community events, perform at football games and compete in the Cavalcade of Bands.
Eligibility Requirements: Students audition to be a member of the guard or percussion sections. All wind players who possess basic proficiency are accepted.
Time Commitment: Rehearses prior to the end of school and then from the end of July until Thanksgiving. Participates in football games, band competitions and community events. Annually, takes a trip to perform in places such as Canada, Virginia, New York and Ohio.
Procedure for Joining: Sign-up in April. Attend placement rehearsals in May and June.
Sponsor: Mrs. Kaufman


Description: Offers hands-on media production opportunities for students interested in the development of audio/video content. Primary club activities involve taping school events which are broadcast on CITV and streamed on the District website. Students participate as camera operators, announcers, graphic designers, video editors and in other crew positions. Membership in the Media Production Club also gives the students access to professional production equipment, including HD cameras, drones, live-streaming technology and other resources for independent productions and programming. Student members are also able to request copies of their work for use in developing their professional portfolios.
Time Commitment: Flexible. There are approximately 10 hours of group productions (sporting events, concerts, etc.) per week. After school hours are also available for students to use equipment for independent productions. Students can gauge their level of participation around their personal schedules.
Procedure for Joining: Sign up at CITV or email sponsor. Production opportunities are posted weekly. New members can join at any time.
Sponsor: Mr. Peeler

Men’s & Women’s Acappella

Description: Vocalists may seek choral/solo activities beyond the curricular choral program.
Eligibility Requirements: TBD
Time Commitment: TBD
Procedure for Joining: TBD
Sponsor: TBD


Description: Recognizes and inspires art students in grades 10-12 to gain an outstanding ability to become artistic leaders by bringing art education to the attention of the public with community service activities related to art. Members who qualify promote an awareness of art and become active participants in the education process at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School and our school district’s community. PWHS NAHS students demonstrate art scholarship, service, and character.
Eligibility Requirements: Students must have a minimum of one semester in art, maintain a B average, participate with community service activities particularly bringing art to our community and meet other national criteria.
Time Commitment: Monthly meeting attendance and ongoing community service
Procedure for Joining: Apply through sponsor


Description: Students take photos and make photography displays with their photographs for the school.
Eligibility Requirements: Open to photography students
Time Commitment: Monthly meeting attendance, some after school time
Procedure for Joining: Contact sponsor


Description: Responsible for running sound and lighting for theater productions, assemblies and outside events in the PWHS Auditorium. Members are also encouraged to be part of the Colonial Players.
Eligibility Requirements: Strong interest in technical theater and/or music engineering.
Time Commitment: Considerable during Colonial Players productions. Varies throughout the rest of the year.
Procedure for Joining: Contact sponsor
Sponsor: Mr. Cooper
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