Two girls working on math problems at their desks

The mathematics curriculum in the Colonial School District reflects the importance of mathematical literacy in an increasingly technological society. Toward this end, students are provided multiple opportunities to apply mathematics in meaningful ways as part of the learning process.


  • Help children develop the belief that they have the power to be successful in mathematics
  • Assist students in developing a deeper understanding about mathematics through exploration, investigation, and problem solving
  • Provide classroom experiences that draw from both real-world and mathematical contexts
  • Develop students’ reasoning, judgment and decision making skills by using a variety of strategies
  • Encourage students to solve problems that require them to work cooperatively and to use appropriate tools to explore and address relevant and interesting mathematical ideas
  • Provide students with an opportunity to verbally communicate and write about mathematics using rich mathematics vocabulary to explain and clarify their own thinking.
  • Provide a common foundation of challenging mathematics for all students while addressing their unique mathematical needs through appropriate differentiated support.

2022 Summer Math

The first place your child should go to keep their math skills fresh is the online resource they use regularly during the school year:

Other Resources

Khan Academy

You can also explore the skill practice available on the Khan Academy. Khan Academy can figure out where your child needs help, keeps track of their progress, and will grow with them through high school. Click here to go to the Khan Academy. Students should log in by clicking on the 'Continue with Google' icon and use their school issued Google credentials. If you are a parent or guardian looking for more information about Khan Academy and how to create an account, click here.

Summer Math Packets

Click on the grade level your child is leaving for the appropriate math packet to give you additional ideas and tips to help your child stay current in math over the summer.

Optional High School Resources

Visit your "Class of" Canvas page and select a green link titled "Click here for Summer Skill Practice." Here, students can access English and Math Summer Skill Builders that focus on key topics that each include an Introduction, Review and Practice, Review and Practice Answers, and a Self-Assessment.

Please do not hesitate to contact the District’s mathematics curriculum supervisor, Edward Merk, if you have questions or require the packets in an ADA accessible format. Click here to send Mr. Merk an email.