PWHS Renovations Frequently Asked Questions

Are there traffic restrictions because of the renovation?

Yes. All public traffic must enter and exit the campus via Colonial Drive. Bicentennial drive (the entrance closest to Butler Pike) is reserved for construction traffic only.

Where may I drop off my child before the school day?

No student drop off at the front of the building is permitted before school. Parents must drop students off at the designated location behind the building in the back parking lot (see map).

Where do I pick up my child if he/she is sick or has a doctor’s appointment?

In the event that your child is sick or has a doctor’s appointment, parents may pick students up and drop them off at the front of the building during the school day.

Will parking be limited because of the renovation?

Yes. A large portion of the west parking lot is fenced off and reserved for contractor parking. Students may park in assigned white spaces only. Overflow parking will be in the Victory Fields parking lots.

Will I still be able to drop off my child at the door by the swimming pool, or the inner courtyard near the band room and auditorium for extra-curricular activities?

No. The inner courtyard is closed to all but construction traffic. Students may walk to the door by the swimming pool but there is no public vehicular or pedestrian access to the inner courtyard at any time.

May I still register my child to ride the bus?

No registration is necessary. ALL students are pre-assigned to a bus route. You may find your child’s bus assignment on PowerSchool on or after August 24.

VIDEO: Follow along the map of parking and traffic pattern changes with Director of Operations Terry Yemm

Click here for a print version of the map.