Social Studies

Middle school students marching up the sidewalk with pool noodles to meet another group of students.

The social studies curriculum provides the opportunity for every student to develop as knowledgeable and responsible citizens. Our students acquire the ability to apply 21st Century skills, like critical thinking and problem solving, contextual learning, communication, information and media literacy, creativity and collaboration, to analyze and objectively evaluate global and cultural issues through historical and current contexts. The social studies curriculum addresses content standards in the areas of civics and government, economics, geography and history.

Elementary School

In kindergarten through third grade, the social studies curriculum emphasizes citizenship and community, as well as makes connections to other subject areas, like science, through integrated hands-on project-based units. For example, the Wet-ology unit integrates geography and an understanding of wetlands for first grade students. Third graders explore their community further by studying the history of Philadelphia. In fourth and fifth grade, units feature a broad study of Pennsylvania and an integrated look at civil rights from the Constitution to contemporary American History.

Middle School

The middle school social studies curriculum emphasizes the study of early American history (peopling of the Americas to Spanish conquest), ancient civilizations of the world and United States history from colonization to 1870. Teaching and learning activities embedded in the social studies program include oral and written presentations, database and media research, field trips, videoconferencing, composition writing, cooperative and group learning and the discussion of current events.

High School

The core courses for the high school social studies curriculum include U.S. History from 1876 to the modern era, global studies, Western Civilization and U.S. Government and Law. Students motivated in social studies also choose from ten electives for a challenge, curiosity or both. 21st Century skills are integrated into all social studies courses, and high expectations for writing and projects demonstrating mastery of identified skills and knowledge are vital to the success of our students.