An elementary student painting a picture of flowers

The art curriculum in the Colonial School District allows students to develop creative minds for success in our changing world. Each course emphasizes visual communications, cognitive learning, creativity, experimentation, problem solving and self-awareness.

Elementary School

The elementary art curriculum focuses on manipulation, appreciation, evaluation and response -- while encouraging the development of curiosity and an imaginative environment. Design and composition form the core of the program, and the projects and materials grow more complex over time. Through design, the students practice new skills in a variety of media and work on aspects of balance, color, space and shapes. The students also develop a hands-on understanding of composition that encompasses the elements of line, color, shape, form, space and texture.

Middle School

The middle school art curriculum advances students' technical skills and knowledge, while encouraging children to discover and develop their own voices through artistic expression. Art classes explore diverse artistic traditions, the development of concepts and the use of conventional and innovative materials. Students learn to express themselves, create art and problem solve, both independently and by working with others. The middle school art program strives to cultivate visually literate, inquisitive and independent thinkers who synthesize the greater world through the arts.

High School

The high school art curriculum focuses on five main areas: fine arts, ceramics, photography, media arts and art history. Each course emphasizes creativity, experimentation and problem-solving. The curriculum is designed to serve two groups of students: those who wish to broaden their educational experience by electing to take an art course and those who wish to study a particular artistic discipline in depth. For all students, art courses teach skills that will enhance daily life and further an understanding of the role art plays in society.

Celebrating creativity at the District Art Show

Each year, the District Art Show regularly showcases the work of more than 300 students, kindergarten through 12th grade. The pieces selected for the show demonstrate various art techniques and concepts, as well as how art connects to different disciplines

Elementary student shows parents her piece at the District Art Show.