Conshohocken Police sponsor annual bike giveaway at CE

student with bicycle flanked by a teacher and two polic officers.The Conshohocken Police Department (CPD), Conshohocken Elementary (CE) School teachers and Principal Denise Marks made the last day of the 2019-2020 school year a memorable one for two students. Third grader Aiden Smith (top photo) and second-grader Willie Villanueva (bottom photo) were the winner’s the CPD’s annual bike giveaway.

Police Officers Steve Vallone and John Storti led an 11-car motorcade complete with yellow and blue balloons to the homes of both students during the mid-afternoon on Friday, June 12. The officers, with the teachers and Mrs. Marks looking on, presented a brand new bicycle and helmet to the excited young students.

“In many respects a public school can be considered the heart of a community,” Conshohocken Police Chief George Metz said. “It is certainly a direct reflection of our community, and our involvement with the school affords us an opportunity to reach out to that same community.

“A relationship with the students and staff allows us to show the police department’s commitment to our base, the people,” Chief Metz continued. “What I love about the bike presentation is it enables us to have a positive encounter and to recognize remarkable, young citizens.”

The bicycle recipients are chosen among a vote of the school’s teachers. The winners are selected based on how they model the characteristics the school impresses upon its students:student with bicycle with a teacher, two police officers and a group of teachers in the background.

  • Respect,
  • Responsibility,
  • Trustworthiness,
  • Caring,
  • Fairness, and 
  • Citizenship

The bike giveaway is just one of the ways the CPD is involved with the school throughout the year.

“I love the Conshy PD because they are true partners to the CE School Community,” Principal Marks said. “They are a part of they are a part of why we are #thebestschoolever! They take time be a part of CE! Not because we ask them to come, but because they want to be at CE!


“They come to eat lunch with our students, play on the playground and read with students,” Mrs. Marks continued. “The officers participate and are involved. They are true partners!”