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Student Spotlight: Maddox Starr

Student Spotlight: Maddox Starr

At Colonial Middle School, Maddox Starr is one of only two tuba players. On Sunday, December 4, however, he was one of dozens of tuba players taking part in the 22nd Annual TubaChristmas Concert in Lansdale.

Maddox Starr with his tuba

“It’s really cool to see so many fellow tuba players,” said Maddox. “You don’t normally see that.”

The ensemble included only tubas and euphoniums, with a repertoire that included approximately 45 minutes of Christmas songs arranged especially for the group. 

“You get to play the main melody instead of sitting in the back and playing just the bass notes,” he said. “It’s a cool experience.”

The young tubist started his musical career on trombone in fourth grade at Colonial Elementary School, biding his time until he could make the switch in middle school.

“I’ve wanted to play tuba since day one,” said Maddox. “It’s kind of unusual. It’s a cool conversation starter, and I really like the sound.”

Maddox plays in the concert band, jazz band, and wind ensemble at Colonial Middle School — and will also be performing with students from other middle schools in the area as part of Montco Band.