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Making A Difference: Full Belly Bags at Ridge Park Elementary School

Making A Difference: Full Belly Bags at Ridge Park Elementary School

The children at Ridge Park Elementary School recently made more than 600 “Full Belly Bags” for The Giving Tree and Giant Food Stores’ Eliminating Hunger Campaign.

“If people don’t have food and they can’t afford food, it’s really kind to give people food,” said RP third grader Amelia Bujniewicz.

Four children smiling at the camera while putting food into plastic bags

Ridge Park’s third grade classes and other groups within the school took time to talk about the project in class and then had the students write and color messages of encouragement and put Full Belly Bags together. Families were also encouraged to make bags at home.

“It makes me feel joyful, because I like giving things to people that need it,” added RP third grader Carson Eldridge. 

Each bag included food items that were easy to carry and easy to eat: a macaroni and cheese cup, an applesauce cup, a granola bar, a cookie packet, and instant oatmeal. This is especially important, because many of the people receiving the bags are homeless.

“If they’re homeless, they don’t have somewhere to hold the food or keep the food cold,” said RP third grader Jace Deane. 

The Fully Belly Bag project is just one of several service projects that Ridge Park Elementary School has planned for students. 

“We’re trying to talk about service learning and giving back all year long,” said RP principal Eileen Carr. “I like this project, because they’re part of it—creating what they’re sending.”

Ridge Park Elementary School is one of several schools in the Delaware Valley participating in the project. While helping to tackle food security is a reward in itself, the school that brings in the most Full Belly Bags for the Eliminating Hunger Campaign also wins a visit from the Phillie Phanatic.

Seven students holding completed Full Belly Bags