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PWHS Latin Club celebrates its scholars in award ceremony

PWHS Latin Club celebrates its scholars in award ceremony

by Matt Licwinko, PWHS Class of 2024

Every year the Plymouth Whitemarsh High School Latin Club honors the winners from two unique competitions, one national, and one local. This year over 40 students attended the ceremony during bonus block.

In the first “competition” there were twenty-one students who received recognition for their scores on the National Latin Exam. They were presented with certificates celebrating their accomplishments.

PWHS Latin students holding certificates

National Latin Exam award recipients: Front row, left to right: Zola Holman, Melanie Bertram, Hunter Goonan, Scott Vu, Latin Teacher William Blubaugh. Middle row, left to right: Olivia Teeters, Hope Nasatir, Madeline Kavalow-Huie, Jillian Sinese, Madeline Pomager, Katharine Rosen, Olivia Peticca, Lindy Arnold. Back row, left to right: Leo McCusker, Adyanta Anand, Abigail Krawiec, Leo Nasatir, John Setters, Sean Derfler, Aidan Robinette, Waneis Elshaari, James Fassbender

Both Junior James Fassbender and Senior Adyanta Anand earned the highest possible scores on the exam, called Summa cum laude, and were presented with prestigious awards for their achievements. See the full listing of award winners below.

Sicarius, the game in which the Latin Club hosts every year, is a near and dear tradition that the members take very seriously. 

This year, seven students were awarded medals for their various eliminations in the game. The winner, Kirthi Roy, was even presented with a trophy for her total victory.

Kirthi Roy holding trophy

Kirthi Roy with the trophy for winning this year's game of Sicarius

Club president Thomas Warshaw told us that “This really is a culmination of our entire year, we’ve been doing events since September, and this is really the celebration of everything we get to do together.” 

When asked if the event was a success, Thomas told us confidently, “Absolutely, I don’t think we’ll stop doing this anytime soon.”

PW Latin Game Winners

Left to right: Latin Teacher William Blubaugh with Sicarius medalists Zoe Walinsky, Aaron Taylor, Ry Bass, Abigail Krawiec, Kirthi Roy, Andy Levin, Thomas Warshaw

National Latin Exam awards:

  • Summa cum laude
    • Adyanta Anand
    • James Fassbender
  • Maxima cum laude
    • Madeline Pomager
    • Madeline Kavalow-Huie
    • Jillian Sinese
    • Melanie Bertram
  • Magna cum laude
    • Katharine Rosen
    • Leo Nasatir
    • Waneis Elshaari
    • Zola Holman
  • Cum laude
    • Abigail Krawiec
    • Sean Derfler
    • Hope Nasatir
    • Lindy Arnold
    • Aidan Robinette
    • Olivia Teeters
    • Nathan Stieg*
    • Huner Goonan
    • Scott Vu
    • Olivia Peticca
    • Giavanna Yoblick*
    • Zach Murray*
    • John Setters
    • Leo McCusker