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Central Montco Technical High School welcomed CMS seventh graders

Central Montco Technical High School welcomed CMS seventh graders

Colonial Middle School’s seventh graders recently made their annual trek to Central Montco Technical High School (CMTHS) to experience the programs available there. 

To personalize the visit, the students were able to target their interests by selecting a “career cluster” to explore. The five career clusters included:

  • Transportation: Automotive Technology, Building Trades, Collision Repair, Landscaping

  • Human Services: Early Childhood Education, Public Safety, Teacher Academy

  • Healthcare: Allied Health, Healthcare Sciences, Exercise Sciences, Rehab Therapy

  • Creativity: Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Baking & Pastry

  • Communication: Visual Communications, Video/Sound/Music Production, Networking Technology

“I chose transportation,” said CMS seventh grader Will Nord. “So we did mechanic stuff and landscaping stuff. They showed us their greenhouse and how they grow plants there, and they showed us the animals, like fish, that were there. It was cool to learn about that.” 

Students laying out brick pattern on floor

CMTHS student oversees middle school students making patterns with landscape pavers. 

The CMTHS students led interactive activities to give the visiting seventh graders a better idea of how the programs work. For example, the middle schoolers exploring video production had the opportunity to go on camera with the green screen in the studio and other students took turns learning how to use a piping bag in the professional kitchen.

“CMTHS did a great job of giving the students hands-on opportunities and allowing them to see current students in action,” said CMS assistant principal Marla Spivey. 

“My favorite part was getting my hair done,” said CMS seventh grader Claire Stephens. “It was fun to see what they used. It looks like the real thing. It looks like an actual hair salon.”

Two CMTHS students doing hair of middle schooler

CMTHS cosmetology students work in the school salon and are in one of the programs at the school where they can earn professional certifications before leaving high school. 

Seventh grader Justin Kreibel said his favorite part was interacting with the CMTHS students who were studying computer networking.

“I can see the tech school as a possibility in my future,” said Justin. “I like technology and coding.” 

In addition to giving the middle schoolers an introduction to the programs and possibilities at Central Montco Technical High School, the experience also provided “evidence” for their Career and College Readiness portfolios that follow them through their time in the Colonial School District.