Whitemarsh Elementary honors Patriot Day by celebrating heroes
A line of a half dozen police officers being handed cards by small children


Whitemarsh Elementary School students, staff and local first responders gathered around the flagpole on September 11 for an annual ceremony that honors heroes.

“A hero is someone who is brave and helps people,” said first grader Brynlee Davis.

The group sang patriotic songs led by music teacher Kristy Langis, and student representatives from first through third grade spoke. The first graders defined what a hero is. The second graders explained what makes the United States a great country, and the third graders talked about why they were proud to be Americans.

“America is great in many ways, but among the most important is the freedom to say what you want. We have many people of many cultures and faiths. It is what makes us strong,” said Emma Eisenberg, a second grader at the school. “America is a place where children can learn and grow. It is a beautiful place with healthy food, good water and clean air. It is up to all of us to keep it this way.”

Group of children singing while waving small American flags


After the songs and speeches, students presented thank you cards and flowers to members of the Whitemarsh Township Police, Barren Hill Volunteer Fire Company and Spring Mill Fire Company.

“I am proud to be an American, because people every day are helping people like us when we are in trouble or in pain...They go to danger and do not run away. They are firemen, soldiers like my dad, police officers, doctors, nurses and our own teachers,” said third grader Gabriel Dyck. “Thank you for helping us!”

Principal Donna Drizin also addressed the group to thank the older students for sending messages to the troops last year and added that the soldiers appreciated getting the letters. Mrs. Drizin’s son is currently serving in the military overseas.

Whitemarsh Elementary honors Patriot Day by celebrating heroes