Whitemarsh Elementary class celebrates Daisy the dog's birthday
Boy watching teacher read homemade birthday card


Students in Debra Quaco's class at Whitemarsh Elementary School recently celebrated the fifth birthday of their furry friend, Daisy, by showering her with homemade cards and treats made from pumpkin, oats and peanut butter. 

Daisy is a Portuguese Water Dog who was trained through the Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs program. She has been a frequent visitor to the students' classroom, where she has become a reading buddy. On March 23, the students relished the chance to read at Daisy's side as she rested calmly on a towel and took in all the attention.

Along with practicing reading skills, Daisy's visit prompted students to learn how to follow a recipe and measure ingredients, since they also made homemade doggie birthday treats for Daisy to take home. 

While her visit led to some valuable lessons, it was clear to see that Daisy also provides some emotional support for her friends at Whitemarsh. The students were all eager to sing "Happy Birthday" to her, and many lingered during their visit to give her hugs. The students' thoughtful cards also shared messages of love and warmth for their canine companion. 

Seven boys sitting on the grass with dog. Three female teachers standing.