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Students exercise creativity through programming robots

Student seated on floor programming robot while robot draws circles and teacher standing to left of student records robot with a cell phoneColonial Elementary School (CES) students recently had a chance to show their creativity by programming robots to draw. In ​the CES Library Media Center, students selected blocks of code to control the direction the "DrawBots" moved.

"This exercise is an extension of the block coding that students do in Mr. Willson's computer technology class," said Mr. Freebairn, CES Library Media Specialist.

"It was a great way to work with your partner and have fun," said Lila, a student in Mrs. ONeill's fourth-grade class. "We appreciate Mr. Freebairn taking his time to make up this lesson idea."

Her classmate Brendan added, "I think it's really fun and creative, and I would like to start doing it more!"

The "DrawBots" are miniature robots which a magic marker attached to them. The drawings produced give students instant feedback from the codes they choose to make the robots move.









Two students kneeling on floor with I-pad programming robot to draw a series of cirlces and straight lines.