Student Spotlight – Molly Brien

girl with bow in hairFor Halloween, the children in the behavioral health residential care program with Carson Valley Children's Aid, will have their choice of costumes, thanks to Whitemarsh Elementary School second grader Molly Brien and her family.

Molly and her mother shopped for costumes, sorted the costumes into different sizes, separated boys costumes from girls costumes, and packed everything into bags. They then piled more than a half dozen large bags into their car and delivered them to Carson Valley one morning before coming into school.

"I helped people that didn't have costumes," said Molly. "It makes me feel happy."

With more holidays around the corner, Molly's already started planning the next project: Thanksgiving food baskets.

"Molly is making quite a difference in our community," said Whitemarsh Elementary School Principal Donna Drizin. "Children helping children!"