Student Spotlight - Michael Krayyem

Marisa Sloan, PWHS Class of '21
Reprinted from The Town Crier under the original title Musicians in PW: Michael Krayyem Releases First Album
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It has been proven time and time again that the students at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School (PW) are incredibly versatile and well-rounded individuals. Among these students, Michael Krayyem, a junior at PW, has released his first album on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. Krayyem has been involved in music since fourth grade when he first joined the concert band, and he began piano lessons in the seventh grade. He started composing music professionally about a year ago and, since then, has put together a full-length album. 

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Krayyem describes his music as simple piano and instrumental pieces. As he does this for fun, he enjoys experimenting with his songs and creating unique tunes; therefore, there is no one word to describe it. For example, in his song "Take A Tango", he employs the genre of Tango music, something completely new to him. Because of the guidelines that follow Tango music, writing this song was both a difficult and exciting endeavor. He had to follow the rules and then build off of them using his own creativity, something he had not done before. In addition, his favorite song to write on the album was "Ananas". After participating in a song exchange, he was inspired by someone else and used their ideas to compose the song. 

Music has been a source of joy for Krayyem throughout his life. Although writing music can be stressful at times, he also knows that it is meant to be fun and is a way for him to express his feelings and ideas. He is able to experiment with different tunes and rhythms to figure out what he likes and create a new song. It is something that is not based on grades and there is no way to really fail; rather, it is a recreational activity for Krayyem and allows him to get his ideas out in a unique art form. He decided to produce an album after composing music for a little while beforehand. By setting goals for himself, he was able to almost completely finish his album by the end of summer. Although it was just a personal project for himself, he hopes his music will reach a variety of different audiences, particularly those who enjoy classical and instrumental music. Krayyem is inspired to write music because it allows him to convey his thoughts in an effective way. It brings about emotion in a unique way and is an art like no other as it is taken in by hearing instead of visual senses. 

Music has played an essential role in Krayyem's life. Aside from composing his own music, Krayyem was previously involved in the concert band and has made appearances in school orchestra and chorus. Currently, he is working with the Colonial Players. With this being the start of Krayyem's music career, it is certainly not the end, and he is planning on continuing to compose and release music.

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