Student Spotlight – Julianna Scherzer
Nine skaters making a Y formation.


Julianna Scherzer fell in love with ice skating four years ago, and now the Plymouth Elementary School third grader practices four to six times a week — most Saturdays and Sundays, sometimes before school and sometimes after school.

“My aunt is an ice skating coach in France,” said Julianna. “She took me skating, and I really liked it, and then I wanted to get into skating.”

After developing her skills on the ice as a figure skater, Julianna discovered the sport of synchronized skating and recently joined Philadelphia Symmetry out of the Wissahickon Skating Club. 

“I love synchro, because you get to spend a lot of time with friends who are on your team, and most of my best friends are on synchro,” she said. 

In synchronized skating, a team of up to 20 skaters performs a program that includes specific elements like blocks, circles, wheels, lines, spins and pair moves. 

“Skating makes me feel free,” said Julianna. "Sometimes I feel a little bit stressed, and I get on the ice and just skate as fast as I can. I also like spinning a lot, because it makes you go really fast.” 

Julianna recently competed with her synchronized skating team in Boston and is looking forward to continuing to train and travel for the sport.

“We have fun all the time,” she said. “I never want to stop skating.”