Student Spotlight – Gwenn DeNolfi
Girl holding check outside Colonial Neighborhood Council

Fourth Grader Gwenn DeNolfi dropping off a check for $728 at the Colonial Neighborhood Council.

This year was Colonial Elementary School Fourth Grader Gwenn DeNolfi’s fifth year holding a lemonade stand for the Colonial Neighborhood Council (CNC). 

“I got the idea when we dropped off food one year before Thanksgiving,” said Gwenn. "I was sad to learn that people needed help buying food and other things, so I came up with the idea to sell lemonade to raise money to give to the CNC.”

Her goal each year has been to top the total from the year before. With 2019's $428 total to beat and a pandemic, Gwenn was nervous about how the 2020 stand would go. She made some accommodations, like using store-bought lemonade and cups with lids, and family and friends helped promote the stand on Facebook. In the end, she raised $728. 

“I was so excited that so many people wore masks and came out — even the mayor came!” she said. 

Gwenn is planning to continue her goal of raising more money every year, even if it means running a a few lemonade stands.