Student Spotlight – Gabby Caintic
Girls dancing on football field

Fans of Philadelphia Soul Arena Football may recognize Colonial Middle School seventh grader Gabby Caintic. Last season, Gabby could be found performing at several of the games as a member of the Junior Soulmates Dance Team.

"It's such a big thrill," said Gabby. "I love the costumes and the dance shoes. It's so much fun." 

The Junior Soulmates Dance Team draws dancers and cheerleaders from throughout the Delaware Valley for two groups: ages 8-12 and 13-18. During the season, Gabby landed a spot on the Advanced team with practices on the weekends in New Jersey and performances at select games for thousands of fans at the Wells Fargo Center. 

"I've made a lot of new friends and, no matter how far away they live, this is the one thing that brings us together," added Gabby. "We have this love of dance in common. It's such a great experience."

girl with man in football uniform

Gabby has been dancing since she was two and takes classes through Whitemarsh Township. For now, she plans to practice, look for more opportunities to perform and eventually turn her love of dance into a professional career. 

"Dancing is a way to let out your emotions and feelings. You can put it all out on the dance floor," she said. "It really clears my mind and is a stress reliever. It's a way for me to open up."

Watch for Gabby during the 2020 Philadelphia Soul season, as she plans to return to the Junior Soulmates Dance Team in the spring.