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Student gets police escort to school

Police officer standing with studentLuke Olszyk arrived at Plymouth Elementary School via a police escort on January 8. Luke was the lucky recipient of the “Golden Ticket” placed in one of the Halloween safety bags distributed to the school’s students by the Plymouth Township Police Department (PTPD) last fall. The ticket entitled the recipient to a ride to school accompanied by the PTPD.

Luke rode to school in the midst of a four-car motorcade complete with sirens and flashing lights. He was chauffeured by Officer Mark Lacy and given a department hat, T-shirt and sun glasses to wear. Office Jennifer Wittenberger, Officer Gerald DeSantis and Sergeant Robert Heger were also part of the entourage.

“It was really cool. I was so excited,” said Luke. “My favorite part was when I got to control the lights and the sirens. It made me feel like I was a police officer, and I felt really cool wearing the police hat and sunglasses into school.”

The officers also brought donuts for all students in Luke’s third grade class taught by Elizabeth Morris.


Group of people standing in front of police SUV.