St. Patrick's Day poems at Ridge Park Elementary

First graders at Ridge Park Elementary School took time during their poetry unit for some St. Patrick's Day fun. 

girl holding poem


In Mrs. Jennings' room, the class read a story about a leprechaun on a rainbow and then brainstormed words that reminded them of different colors of the rainbow. Then the children wrote and decorated a color poem, and each student read their poem to the class. 

First grader Keene Carpenter said,

"A RAINBOW is...

as red as blood

as orange as the sun

as yellow as the sun's reflection

as green as life

as blue as fire

as purple as darkness"

"My favorite part of the activity was listening to everyone else's poems, so that they could share what their opinions were," said Avery Liberatore. 

After creating the rainbow poems, the students also wrote about when they feel lucky. 

"I feel lucky when I get lots of chocolate gold," said classmate Luciana Storti.

"I feel lucky when I go to school!" added Avery. 

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