RSVP for CES Spring Parent Program: Lead Well-Be-Well-Do Well

Attention Parents/Guardians of CSD Students Grades 3-5: Colonial Elementary School is proud to introduce its Spring 2019 Parent Program, START Leadership presented by Laurie Bodine and Dr. Ron Duska. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 7:00pm

CES General Meeting Room

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Lead Well - Be Well - Do Well

Equip your kids with the mindset and skill set they need to thrive and prosper in a highly competitive world.

text repeated from announcement in graphic formIn schools, colleges, and the workplace, there is a growing engagement, performance, and leadership crisis - one that executives and educators rank as a top concern. At the same time, parents are increasingly anxious, given the highly competitive, rapidly changing world in which our kids are growing up, about how best to equip kids with the mindset and skills they need to do well in school, the workplace, and in life without sacrificing their capacity to be well.

There is an evidence-based solution proven to be highly effective. Dr. Ron Duska and Laurie Bodine of START Leadership will be here to share it with the Colonial community on the evening of March 13, 2019! The session will provide parents with an understanding of the value of a leadership approach to address these concerns and a toolkit to foster the leadership mindset and skill set their kids need to Lead Well, Do Well, and Be Well.

About our presenters:

Laurie Bodine is the founder of START Leadership, an education and training company in California. She has 25 years experience working with and for Fortune 500 companies in marketing, technology development, strategy, and leadership development. Laurie has also served as a research and policy advisor to Stanford University's national campaign for the wellbeing of youth, Challenge Success: Championing a Broader Vision of Success for Youth. She received a B.S. in nutrition from UC Davis and an MBA from UC Irvine.

Dr. Ron Duska has collaborated with Laurie Bodine in developing and implementing educational programming and parent workshop for seven years at the Haverford School centered on the development of social and emotional awareness and well being, design thinking skills, resilience, and a leadership mindset. A former teacher and principal for 25 years, Ron has worked at the high school, middle school, and elementary level. Ron is an adjunct education professor at Villanova University, PA and resides in the Philadelphia area.

Registration and Childcare

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*Note: Childcare will be provided by PW Honors Society Students for children ages 5 and up if needed.

Thank you to the Colonial School District Education Foundation for sponsoring this event.

RSVP for CES Spring Parent Program: Lead Well-Be-Well-Do Well