Ridge Park and Plymouth Elementary students "Go for the Greens"
Man and woman standing at a cart with students sitting at lunch table


In their annual St. Patrick's Day tradition, Ridge Park Elementary (RP) and Plymouth Elementary (PE) students chose to "Go for the Greens" at lunch in the cafeteria. The event encourages students to try green vegetables and fruits they might not have tried before.

"We like celebrating the day because it gives us a chance to expose the students to different fruits and vegetables in fun ways," said Colonial School District Food Services Director Lori McCoy.

This year, Mrs. McCoy and the Food Services department's intern, Nathan Jones, used fresh avocados and tomatoes to make table side guacamole for the children. The guacamole was a hit at both schools.

"I actually liked the taste and the greenish parts. I liked the tomatoes sliced up," said RP third grader Vaishalini Mylappan. "It tasted really good."

"Go for the Greens" is a national initiative encouraged by the Montgomery County Department of Health and brought to the two buildings by school nurse Kathy Dale, who is always looking for ways to help students make healthy decisions.

two girls at a lunch table


"Last year, the students sampled green smoothies, and this year they are sampling guacamole," said Mrs. Dale. "It's important for children to continue to challenge their taste buds and try new foods."

Every day, elementary students can choose from several options of fresh cut fruits and vegetables at lunch.