PWHS Teacher Sandy Comfort named Centennial Educator Award winner
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Congratulations to Plymouth Whitemarsh High School (PWHS) Teacher Sandy Comfort for being named one of the four Centennial Educator Award winners for 2019 at Jefferson (the combined Thomas Jefferson University and Philadelphia University).

PWHS Class of 2019 and Jefferson Pre-med Student Brooklynn Haasis nominated her high school anatomy teacher in an essay that would ultimately lead to the award. At the ceremony, Brooklynn gave the following speech:

Most people would define a teacher as a provider of knowledge, or someone whose occupation is to instruct. My definition of a teacher is a bit different, all thanks to Mrs. Sandy Comfort, my anatomy teacher. I define a teacher as a superhuman individual capable of producing miracles everyday. 

Mrs. Comfort always found a way to make class fun and ensure we retained the information. She always goes the extra mile for her students, whether it's putting hours into making special homemade review games or encouraging her students to get on the sticker wall. Despite all she's been through, being a breast cancer survivor, she never gave up. She taught me to stay positive, strong, and to keep chasing my dreams. Mrs. Comfort has touched the hearts of many. Not only did I learn about the human body, but I also learned a lot about life and myself in her class.      

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Mrs. Comfort has made one of the biggest impacts on my life. She is the reason I want to go into the medical field, because her class sparked a light inside of me, and it only continues to grow brighter. She is super easy to talk to and helped me through a lot of tough times. She made me realize how much potential I have. I can't even put into words how much I appreciate Mrs. Comfort. There is so much about her that makes her stand out from other teachers. She takes the time to get to know and build a strong connection with her students which continues after we graduate high school. 

Along with her busy schedule raising two wonderful kids, she is involved in many school events. She is an advisor for our school's Minithon, which is an event where we stay up for 12 hours straight to raise money for pediatric cancer. Minithon takes months of planning and hard work, yet she gets it done with the help of the student committees. This event wouldn't be possible without her. I don't even think she gets sleep, because her brain is always busy formulating her next big idea. 

Mrs. Comfort became a teacher to change the lives of her students, and to help shape the future of our world. She is someone who is always putting others first, and I believe she is the perfect candidate for this award. Anyone would be lucky to know this strong, charismatic, and altruistic individual named Mrs. Comfort.

The Centennial Educator Award was created in 1984 by the Board of Trustees to celebrate Philadelphia University's 100th Anniversary.