PWHS Cheerleaders earned Top Team awards at UCA Cheer Camp
Seven cheerleaders with trophies


The Plymouth Whitemarsh High School (PWHS) Cheerleaders joined more than 500 campers at the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) Cheer Camp in August for four days of crowd leading, skills training and team building — and returned with several awards, including Top Team in Cheer and Top Team in Game Day.

"I love that they practice to perform. They work hard and really take everything to the next level," said Head Coach Debbie Tornetta. "Plus, they're smart cookies and nice kids. Many of the girls are balancing our season with Honors and AP courses."

During individual tryouts at the camp, seven members of the PWHS Cheerleading squad were named as UCA All-Americans. With the title, Natalya Bakula, Jenica Earl, Kate Wakefield, Daisy Micarsos, Emalita Marcucci, Morgan Rodgers and Lily Merchant each received a medal and now have the opportunity to travel and do special performances with other All-Americans from around the country.

In addition to developing the squad's skills as cheerleaders, the camp also focuses on building character. The UCA staffers selected PWHS Cheerleaders Kate Wakefield and Daisy Micarsos to also receive the Pin It Forward award, recognizing the girls for going "above and beyond," being kind and helping other cheerleaders at the camp.

The PWHS Cheerleaders will be competing at UCA regionals at Kutztown University in November with the hopes of earning a bid for the National Competition in Florida.